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I need some ideas. I’m in charge of VBS dinners and I’m making hot dogs. I need …

I need some ideas. I’m in charge of VBS dinners and I’m making hot dogs. I need a side. Help! Quick and easy. Baked Beans are out as I don’t think alot of young kids like them.

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  1. Tabitha Edwards Richardson

    What about chips, like apple slices and fruit snacks or the cream cookies my kids love the aldis vanilla cream ones!

  2. We kept ours super simple! Every night we had a different entree but we had chips and cookies to go with it. And our kids were fine with it! It was so hot that no one wanted to eat anything heavy!

  3. Ann Peveto Bagley

    Cole slaw, fruit, potato salad, chips, pickles, fresh veggies…like raw carrots, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, broccoli, cauliflower, red bell pepper strips and maybe Ranch dressing. Jello cup.

  4. We are having VBS this week also. We are doing hotdogs one night, pizza one night, spaghetti one night, fish fry one night, and chicken nuggets one night. They are also doing salad, chips, French fries, tater tots, fresh fruit and cake and brownies for desserts and cookies.

  5. Bonnie Miller-Carpenter

    Bake tater tots, crispy and then put them in crockpot on warm . Put paper towels over the crockpot before you put the lid back on.
    Most kids like ketchup with them.
    Cut up fruit and make that dessert called DIRT.. can be made ahead of time also.

  6. I do VBS food most years. The last few years I have been trying to fix meals that can go in a brown bag. We wrap each thing individually. It is usually a main food item, one side and a handheld dessert. I put out small bottles of water in a cooler. The children walk by, pick up their bag, get their water from the cooler and the teacher take them outside or back to their room to eat. Everyone seems to like it this way.

  7. Sue Thomsen-Moon

    Fresh Fruit with Fruit Dip. In a Mixer mix one package of cream cheese with large Marshmallow Cream

  8. I have seen a hotdog cut like an octopus on one side. It swas served with shell mac and cheese. They used mustard to draw a happy face on it.

  9. Mavis Parker LaBounty Czt

    Every little kid I know LIVES baked beans! My grands call them “sweet beans”

  10. Donna Ruditsch

    Make those little octopus by cutting them in quarters 1/2 way down the wiener
    When they cook the it’s curl up and makes your hot dog look like octopuses

  11. Jennifer Wishon Helms

    We just finished our Vbs and I was honestly shocked at how many kids loved the baked beans. Even my kids who I would have said with 100% certainty wouldn’t, did. Haha.

  12. Cassandra D Pettus

    At this time of year fresh corn on the cob is cheap and delicious. When you say “young kids” I’m not sure how young you mean, but this was definitely a treat growing up that I looked forward to, along with some fresh watermelon slices.

  13. They like spagetti nite taco nite pizza last night.ov vbs hot dogs on the grill. nite hamburger nite.

  14. Pasta salad!!
    Noodles, black olives, cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, and Italian dressing!!
    You can really do any veggies with it.

  15. Carol Jean Hrncir Kaiser

    Mac and cheese Then some fresh veggies. Baby carrots and broccoli are always a hit with my grandsons

  16. Carol Rodriguez

    It’s mostly key to late, but kids like meat balls, put I a crock pot add beef gravy, cook for a couple hours, get the flavor in the good luck

  17. Deborah Stricula

    Cole slaw, mac n cheese muffins would be easy and no mess. Just make your mac n cheese and use cupcake liners and make it into muffins. Then just top with some panko breadcrumbs or crushed potato chips. I have a mini muffin tin and it is awesome, 48 little muffins each time I bake. I love being able to bake for a crowd, with a pan like this one you can. It works great and I didnt even need liners but for the standard size cupcake tin I would use a liner to be sure it holds together.

  18. You would be surprised how many kids like baked beans, all three of my girls love them and I don’t like them

  19. Pam Pruitt-Blume

    Fruit, chips, or fries. I’m with you alot of kids don’t like beans or pasta salads.

  20. Jan Monts Dokey

    Kids like simple things. Not casseroles or pasta salads usually. Chips, plain veggie strips with ranch to dip, cookies and Little Debbie. Koolaid or Gatorade or juice.

  21. Kay-Randy Flambeau


    1 can whole corn, drained
    I can creamed corn
    1 cup raw macaroni
    1 cup Velveeta cubed
    1 stick butter cut up(I use 3/4)
    Mix in a casserole and bake at 350⁰ for 45 minutes, covered (stir occasionally). Then bake 30 minutes uncovered. We made a double batch when the kids were home. Have tripled the recipe for big events. Its a hit!

  22. Becca Long Hickox

    Fruit salad and chips, macaroni and cheese, fries, potato salad or macaroni salad are all good. For kids though I would do chips and dip and fruit salad. They would probably eat that the best.

  23. I would get a basket and put several individual chip bags in it from a variety pack. I would get another basket and fill it with assorted little debbies. Easy peasy and everyone will be happy. Hot dogs, chips, and dessert their way !!!

  24. Glennette Lewis

    We would take a banana cut in half, leave the peel on . Push a plastic spoon in the cut side for a handle. Freeze. When ready to serve, peel, dip in melted chocolate, pecans, sprinkles, etc

  25. Linda Anderson

    Carrot strips, cherry tomatoes, mini cucumbers sliced, watermelon popsicles ( cut out with cookie cutter or rectangles and add a popsicle stick), etc.

  26. Mac & Cheese in the crockpot. (make sure an adult dips the servings) precooked noodles, block velvetta(I’ve used the cheddar & white) stick of butter, cup of milk, salt & pepper. Add extra milk as it thickens.

  27. Plain chips, (little individual bags)fruit,Mac and cheese, I add just brown sugar to beans and my grands love um…

  28. To make it easier on everyone do your hotdogs and have mustard, ketchup,slaw, you could do chili but it is so messy, maybe some shredded cheese, then do chips. Then use either Little Debbie snack cakes or cookies for drinks use small bottles of water, juice boxes, or Little chucks drinks

  29. Dawn Bennett Mitchell

    We usually do an assortment of chips (Cheeto puffs, Doritos, bbq, plain) or fries/tots then something for dessert (cookies, Rice Krispie treats, cupcakes). We try to stay away from anything they need silverware for

  30. Mine and my brother’s favorite meal was beams and weinies growing up but if your kids don’t like them….
    Mac n cheese, fries, chips, carrot sticks, fresh fruit salad

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