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29 thoughts on “I need ideas for potatoes. I have 3 bags .”

  1. Fries! Olive oil and Italian seasoning bake until crisps
    Potato Pattie’s (forgot the recipes but basically I think bake the potatoes and take skin off form Pattie’s and fry them?)
    Own scallop potatoes

  2. Becky Carrier Stewart

    Potato cakes potato salad baked potato fried tators with onions chips frys wedges scalloped potato soup the list is endless

  3. Leandra Hollaway

    Cracker Barrel Hashbrown casserole copy cat recipe is delicious!
    Also, plant a regrow more for later!

  4. Nacole Garcia Deloera

    Roasted garlic potatoes
    Potatoes diced up inside green beans with bacon or polish sausage
    Potato cakes
    Potato salad
    Chilli cheese baked potatoes
    Potato wedges
    Fried potatoes onions and green pepper
    Hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes
    Chicken gravy over mashed or baked potato
    Shepard’s pie

  5. Denise Villalva

    Potato cheese soup 😋, mashed potatoes with hamburger gravy, scalloped potoes, French fries, O’Brian potatoes

  6. Twice baked potatoes; Potatoes Au Graten; Scalloped potatoes; Potato cakes; Potato bread; Shredded potato; Fully loaded Hash browns; Hash brown casserole….

  7. Twice baked potatoes for the freezer. Bake them for 40-50 min, let start to cool but still warm cut them in half (or cut off a top section if you want big ones) and remove the insides leaving a small amount on the peel. Mix with sour cream, cheese, bacon and whatever else you want (I like cooked broccoli), use milk to thin if needed. Fill the skins back up, allow to fully cool. Wrap in cling wrap and then foil and freeze. Then unwrap fully and cook for 15-20 or defrost and cook for 10-15 min until center is hot. Top with cheese

  8. Barbara Pittman

    Potatoe pancakes. Smothered potatoes with green peppers and onions. String beans and potatoes

  9. Ricci Broussard Hebert

    Potato salad, mashed potatoes with meatloaf, shredded hash browns for breakfast, homemade French fries

  10. Potatoe candy……potato soup. . Potato salad ……mashed taters. . Schred them ..season….. put in zip lock bag. Flatten out. ….put in freezer…..boom hash browns…..whenever u need them… swallowed taters. Aug rotten taters tater patties. Tater bread.. fried taters and keibosa ….stuffed baked taters…..baked tater as meal.. .fries….tater chips

  11. Heather M Hughes Blackwell

    Had the same problem. So tonight I made a huge potato salad, a pot of potato mushroom soup and some mashed potatoes full of creamy, cheesy, buttery goodness. Potato problem solved and I only have to whip up sides this week for my meals.

  12. Carolyn Tatum Colwell

    The ex LG ones bake , the smaller ones fry them up and put some onion in them or mash for mashed potatoes. You coul scallop them with some ham and cheese, make potato soup, french fry them or use for hash browns.

  13. Sandra Lynn Hairston

    Dice and par boil. Drain and place on cookie sheet in a single layer and freeze then trasfer to a freezer bag. Add to that some chopped onion and green peppers for breakfast potaotes. Bake, cool and wrap separately and freeze for a quick baked potato.. Make breakfast burritos, Make mashed potatoes, potatoe salad, cut into fries and par boil tjen freeze..

  14. Loaded potato soup! My husband dislikes soup but loves this! Adjust to your family size. This makes 6 good size servings
    4-6 Peeled, washed potatoes, diced potatoes
    1/2 onion chopped
    3 cloves minced garlic (can use garlic powder)
    1 bag fresh broccoli or frozen thawed and chopped
    3 strip bacon choppes up and thrown into soup 3 made crisp and chopped for topping
    2 cups milk
    2 cups chicken broth
    1/2 stick butter
    Seasoning to taste
    Chopped green onion or chives for topping
    Shredded cheese for topping
    Sour cream or plain Greek yogurt for topping
    Throw everything together in the pot except milk (and except toppings of course), cook until almost tender then add the milk, pull off stove once hot and potatoes tender. Place toppings

  15. Peel cut up and boil till potatoes are fork tender. Drain really really well. Freeze for later use for mashed, hashbrowned, or even potatoe salad.

  16. Elizabeth Young

    Potato skins, scalloped potatoes, baked potato bar party, mashed, breakfast skillets, grilled potatoes, potato pancakes

  17. Twice baked (freeze some)
    Cottage pie
    Potato leek soup
    Baked potato soup
    French fries
    Scalloped potatoes and ham

  18. Potato pancakes. Hash browns, potato salad, mashed or whipped potatoes.hash brown casserole. Potato soup. Ham , cheese, potato casserole. Scalloped potatoes. Pan fried with onions. French fries,

  19. I soaked some fries in bubbies pickle juice earlier then I air fried. One of my favs. Soo good

  20. I did get a Mashed Potato Freezer recipe off of her once. But have no idea where it is now. They were very good and used the last one’s after 6 months and still good.

  21. Peel slice up . And slice a onions put in frying pan , olive oil, salt,pepper and fry them .,

  22. Kelly Blanks Hays

    Dice them
    Add onions
    2-3 TBSP butter
    Salt & Pepper

    Place all ingredients in microwave safe dish (I use a pie plate) and cook for approximately 35 min! My family’s fav way to eat potatoes.

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