I have celery that HAS TO BE USED by tomorrow

I need easy things to make with cucumbers!!! I have a good amount and aside from…

I need easy things to make with cucumbers!!! I have a good amount and aside from sandwiches idk what else to do with them.

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  1. Danielle Saglimbene

    Cut in half lengthwise, scoop out seeds and slice thin. Put in a bowl with olive oil, lots of white vinegar, salt, pepper and a little sugar. Put a smaller bowl on top to press down, cover bowl with plastic wrap and marinate in the fridge for a few hours.

  2. Cut the cucumber in 1 inch pieces, scoop out the middle andfill with cream cheese then cut a grape tomato in half length wise and stand it on end in cream cheese/ tastes good and makes a beautiful plate.

  3. Tami West Gauthier

    Mix sour cream, vinegar and sugar. It should be like a thick dressing. Should be a sweet tart mixture. Slice cucumbers and onions if you like. Let marinade for at least 1/2 hour or longer. Super yummy

  4. I took leftover pickle juice and sliced them in it. Let set a couple of days in refrigerator. They were so crisp, less salty and so good. I’m on the 3rd use of same juice. I call them my “cheat pickles “

  5. Cut up cucumbers, put in a baggie, shake some dry ranch seasoning into bag and shake, enjoy!

  6. Jen Siegel Baker

    Sliced with cream cheese & sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning

    Cucumber salad – mix sour cream, white vinegar, paprika, & dill – add to sliced cucumber, & add salt/pepper to taste

    Mix with sliced/diced onions, & rice vinegar with enough sugar to tame the ‘bite’

    Make pickles 😃

  7. Teresa Kafee Roberts

    Cut into strips and place in a blender if you like it sweet add a CB little water with sugar (heat till the sugar melts) cool sugar water place into blender with cucumbers and blend.

    Have a pitcher of water in fridge till cold (do this first). Strain mixture in blender and pour into the picture with water add ice 🧊.
    Delicious cucumber water will keep you hydrated.

  8. If you like pickles and relish thair are several quick cook recipes for the pickles also relish. I hope you try and injoy .I had my doubts when I saw them I tried not only do I love and enjoy so does the family


    peeled and slices cucumbers
    Sliced onions
    Cherry tomatoes cut in half
    Black olives if you prefer(I don’t)
    Zesty Italian dressing
    Mix well
    Serve cold

  10. Peel an chop up cucumber an peel an chop tomato add mayonnaise stir put in refrigerator when coming in from heat will cool you down on the inside an good to eat anytime

  11. Michele Rivera

    Cucumbers sliced thin salt pepper sliced onion , just a few. Sour cream and a little Mayo mix well and toss cucumbers in.

  12. Marian NeeBorstnik McMahon

    Cook up potatoes, peel and cut them up then about 1/4 inch thick in bite size pieces and let them cool in the fridge. Peel, then slice the cucumbers nice and thin on the side of the grater. Put the potatoes and cucumbers together, add salt, pepper, oil and vinegar to taste.
    My mom made it since I was little (back in the 50s) and I still make it now. Great summer salad and so simple to fix.

  13. Can your own pickles!
    1c white vinager, 1c salt, (1c sugar for sweet pickles) 1 gallon water- bring to rolling boil.
    In jars add your cut up cucumbers, 1 sprig of dill, 1 pinch of allum, 1 clove garlic. Pour boiling vinargar mixture into jar. Seal with lids and rings. Then hot bath the jars to seal.

  14. Victoria Buchanan

    Cucumber tomatoes cut up boil pack of medium shell pasta rinse and cool pasta mix in your cucumbers and tomatoes once cool then pour bottle of French dressing over it mix well then chill it for about an hour then serve it’s great.

  15. Minnie Bennefiel

    Cucumber, tomato,sliced onions salad with salt, pepper , sugar & vinager❣️ add a little water if needed to the vinager,sugar, salt and pepper mixture. Pour over the vegetables ❣️ refrigerate …

  16. I make 3 different kinds of cucumber salad all very easy and cheap
    1 cucumber peeled and cut into bite size chunks
    1 tomato cut into bite sized chunks
    1 onion quartered and slice thin
    12 a jar or Italian dressing combine and enjoy add more or less of everything to serve more people
    Next one
    1 cucumber peeled and cut into bite size chunks
    1 jar of marinated mushrooms
    1 bag of thawed frozen peas
    1 onion quartered and slice thin
    Mix and serve again add more or less of everything to serve more people
    Next one
    1 cucumber peeled and cut into bite size chunks
    1 container grape or cherry tomatoes rinsed and cut in half
    1 onion quartered and slice thin
    12 jar of ranch dressing ( I have also added the thawed frozen peas to this one )

  17. Jennifer A Buss

    Take seeds out..dice cucumbers really small (petite dice), Chop up two roma tomatoes about the same size (seeds removed).
    Squeeze 1/2 to 1 lemon and add salt/ pepper to taste.
    Add 4 TBSP fresh minced parsley.Mix and sit in fridge until flavors meld.

    You can put this on anything. It’s super good. Some add a small purple onion to this but it tastes great without,

  18. Mary Hendrickson

    Sliced vilest sliced onions rice vinegar, water, salt, pepper and a little sugar to taste. Keeps well in fridge for a long time

  19. Make smashed cucumber salad. So good!
    Smash a couple cucumbers and cut into chunks. Add salt and let it set 20 minutes to get the extra water out. Pour off the extra water. Add garlic to rice vinegar. Let it sit a few minutes. Then add soy sauce, sesame oil, and crispy Chile sauce and eat.

  20. Cucumber, red onion and tomatoes is a great summer salad..you can use all kinds of dressing..my fav go to dressing for it is the olive garden italian dressing! Sometimes ill add kidney beans, green beans or even mozzarella. You can also add pasta if you want it is very versatile.

  21. Bonnie Gallagher

    Cucumbers red onion sprinkle of blue cheese and balsamic glaze I put olive oil too but the kids do not like the oil. So refreshing especially with English cucumbers

  22. Marcia Kerekes

    Slice very thin. Salt. Mix. Let stand. Squeeze well. Add cream. A whole ton of squashed garlic. Mix well. Sprinkle with paprika to taste. I use lots! Delicious. Hungarian salad.

  23. I found this recipe slice the cucumber s spread with cream cheese and sprinkle with everything seasoning so yummy. Making them tonight using garden vegetable cream cheese.

  24. sliced cucumbers, sliced onion, mayo, vinegar, sugar, mix, cover, refridgerate for a few hours. So good and refreshing!

    If you want something a little healthier, Slice, quarter the slices add to bowl, rinse a can of black beans, a can of garbanzo beans, a can of corn, add to bowl, drizzle with olive oil, minced or garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste.

    I also like mine like our local Japanese restaurant serves them. slice lengthwise, remove seeds and cut into slices, drizzle with rice vinegar and add some toasted sesame seeds

    I love all of them!

  25. Geri Newton Kruger Ziegler

    You can put slices into your water. Tastes great! You could even slice amd freeze to add to water over the coming months

  26. My daughter makes ‘Cucshi’
    She cores lengths of cucumber and then fills with ham, cheese, carrot sticks etc, just like sushi, then cuts them into smaller slices. My granddaughters love it.

  27. Cucumber dip!

    8 oz package of cream cheese
    1/2 cups of shredded drained cucumber
    1/4 diced onion
    1TBS chopped parsley
    Salt and pepper to taste

  28. Nancy Shaner Moore

    Cut your cucumber in half use a spoon to core out the seeds so it looks like a little boat and stuff it with chicken or tuna salad

  29. Our family devours them stuffed with imitation crab salad (or anything u prefer.. chicken, tuna, etc). Shred crab, mix with green onion, celery, the seeds scraped out of cucumber, mayo, & well seasoned with Salad Supreme, dill. Cut cucumbers into about 1” pieces & mound with salad. SO good & refreshing

  30. Hope Dickson Marshall

    Spaghetti salad
    Onion (preferably purple)
    Salad supreme (found on the spice aisle)
    Italian salad dressing
    Bow tie pasta or spaghetti noodles

    Cook noodles and drain. Add all other ingredients (how much depending on how much YOU want 😉)
    Mix all together and refrigerate at least a few hours.

  31. Abbey Moulaison

    I made refrigerator pickles with several of mine last night. Very easy to do and good! For 12 jelly sized jars I used:

    4 cucumbers sliced thin (I used a mandolin slicer)
    1 package of fresh dill (a few sprigs per jar)
    3 c. White vinegar
    3 c. Water
    12 cloves garlic, crushed with the side of a knife
    9 teaspoons kosher salt
    3 teaspoons sugar
    12 teaspoons whole mustard seeds
    12 teaspoons whole black peppercorns
    12 teaspoons caraway seeds
    12 teaspoons celery seeds

    In a large non-reactive saucepan combine the vinegar, water, salt, and sugar. Bring to a boil and stir until the salt and sugar are dissolved and cool to room temperature. While the mixture cools slice the cucumbers thinly and in each jar place then cucumber slices, 1 clove garlic, and 1 teaspoon each of the caraway, celery, mustard abc peppercorns. Add a few sprigs of dill. Cover with the cooled vinegar mixture, put lids on tightly and shake then allow to sit in the refrigerator overnight before enjoying. Must be refrigerated (they’re not canned so they aren’t shelf stable) and need to be used within 14 days.

    For lunch today I put a pickle slice on a rosemary cracker and topped with lemon pepper tuna. Delicious!

  32. Sheila Cartwright Klein

    Cucumber salad is one of my favorites 😋 or sliced thinnley soaked in Apple sider vinager is yummy, always good in a salad or sometimes I just slice them up and dip them in dressing,or you could do pickels they aren’t very hard

  33. Jeannie Jordan

    Cucumber, tomato and, onion salad, cut up veggies whatever amount looks good to you. Add Italian salad dressing, mix. I like to refrigerate mine for 30 minutes to an hour

  34. Darleen Wilkinson

    Good with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and chili powder. Just had some to go with my sandwich for lunch. I have found I like lemon juice better than the vinegar with cucumbers. Also good with sour cream, little vinegar to thin, garlic powder, sugar, salt and pepper. Can add onion.

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