I need cheap ideas on what to fill this with

I need cheap ideas on what to fill this with for a baby shower. It will be in ce…

I need cheap ideas on what to fill this with for a baby shower. It will be in center of food table. Thanks

thank for the original creator Amanda Marler

43 thoughts on “I need cheap ideas on what to fill this with for a baby shower. It will be in ce…”

  1. Tiffany Nicole Wilson

    Put styrophone and stick fake flowers in. Glue little pacifiers babies and bottles on to some of the leaves

  2. Nancy Evans Murray

    Type Baby Shower Charcuterie Board on Pinterest and there are alot of ideas. I love the candy ones.

  3. Charlotte Limber

    Are you keeping it up right or laying it down? Personally I’d put a wrapping paper backer than add family pictures of mommy and daddy or write the menu on the there

  4. Samantha Maddox

    I got my daughters initials for our baby shower and we’re doing meat and cheese in one, the middle initial will be veggies and the last initial is fruit 😍

  5. Charlotte Williams Smith

    Do we know the sex? If yes, fill with pink or blue marbles. If no, either mix the marbles or do half blue and half pink.

  6. Michelle Bowlin

    Get pink and blue Hershey kisses at a party store. Or whatever gender if you know for the baby.

  7. Samantha Caldwell Baldwin

    Not sure how big is but maybe roll diapers like they do with diaper cakes and stuff in there with some fake flowers. Gives the mom a few extras

  8. I did fruit in one, veggies in the other! I wouldn’t do meats because you aren’t supposed to eat them while pregnant.

  9. If using for food maybe vegetables on one side, fruit on the other and dips for both in the middle

  10. Rolled up diapers
    Lotions, shampoos, diaper cream
    Tether toys (for the freezer and not) pacifiers
    Wash cloths and towels

  11. Hugs and kisses chocolates, jelly beans, other small candies. You can go eith a colour if you know the gender and then add ome fake flowers cut from the stems to add some decoration

  12. Roseann DePersio

    Maybe those mint things? I can’t remember what they’re called. 🤦🏻‍♀️ like cream cheese mints or something?

    I looked it up to see how big it was and it says 8.5in tall and 1in deep so it doesn’t seem like it would take a lot to fill. What’s the theme for the shower?

  13. How about putting a plastic board over it like a giant bank and filling it with candies that falls into bowls

  14. Flowers Legos pacifiers maybe fill it with usable things like rubber duckies or those textured rubber balls for babies to play with! 

  15. Take white chocolate, color it pink or blue if you know the gender, and make a solid chocolate “W” centerpiece.

  16. We did one of these at a baptism and filled it with different candy. The kids and adults all ate it!

  17. Madisson Jade Meadows

    Fruit tray, one of those meat trays or what I call adult lunchables, dips and chips!

  18. Cheryl Baxter Taylor

    You could make a charcuterie board with pepperoni, salamis, variety of cheese, grapes, variety of crackers, olives, pickles

    Finger foods

    Mini cakes

    Accented with silk flowers or edible for a pop of color

  19. I would out cupcake wrappers in on filled with nuts , pretzels other things Eminem’s ? People can grab a cupcake wrapper full of treats

  20. I would roll up bibs, or the burn cloths and tape to it and as well as a few onesies, maybe a pair of shoes, socks, diapers, pacis, hot glue a bottle… things that baby could use so the money doesn’t necessarily go to waste.

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