I moved listed here over 2 a long time ago, after giving up a definitely difficult pressured job. This…

I moved here more than 2 several years in the past, soon after providing up a really challenging pressured job. This view hardly ever will get old, the seasons change with the see. The telegraph pole in the qualifications is a cable car or truck that operates from the Excellent Orme greetings from Llandudno North Wales British isles

thank for the first creator Elaine Edwards

49 thoughts on “I moved listed here over 2 a long time ago, after giving up a definitely difficult pressured job. This…”

  1. Andrea Scheffler

    Gorgeous view 💙 Greetings from Hannover, Germany 🙋‍♀️ Stay safe and enjoy your beautiful place…. 🕊️

  2. Happy memories of day trips to Llandudno in searing heat. We drive past Llandudno every year on our way down to the Llyn peninsula. Thanks for sharing and greetings from Crieff in Scotland

  3. Amazing. I have to get to Wales. My heritage. Greetings from Indian Rocks Beach Florida USA.

  4. Kristen Valentine Crittenden

    Loved walking the crescent beach in Llandudno, looking for sea glass, in 2019. Greetings from Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

  5. Panagiotis Qurious Gourd

    I was studying in Bangor for four years. I have visited Llandudno plenty of times! Beautiful place! Good afternoon from Athens, Greece!

  6. Roberta Gervais

    Wow! I can’t imagine this view ever getting old. So unique. Greetings from the West Coast of Florida USA 🇺🇸

  7. Visited Llandudno almost every year when we took holidays in Colwyn Bay. Love it there ❤️

  8. Beautiful village and mountain view! Looks very peaceful and relaxing. Hello from the mountains of Franklin North Carolina USA.

  9. Barbara Wildman

    Great childhood memories going to Llandudno from Leicestershire for summer holidays! Been in Alberta Canada for many years now!

  10. My parents went there years ago as part of a steam train tour. I’ve never made it to the north of Wales,but your beautiful view makes me want to! Greetings from the foothills of North Carolina, USA.

  11. Kim Chase Brown

    I love Llandudno! What a beautiful coastal town! My mom lives in Llangollen, and I’ve driven up there a few times to visit friends and go to nearby Conwy Castle with her. Hi from Suffolk, Virginia, USA

  12. Elaine Robinson

    Happy holiday memories from Llandudno, it was absolutely beautiful, I’m originally from N Ireland now living in New Hampshire USA

  13. Esther Lewin Griffin

    That’s really pretty! My stepmother is from Llandudno, came to the USA fifty years ago. What a lovely place she gave up to live and work in New York. This beautiful view makes me curious about why she left and went so far away. Nurses can get a job anywhere, I would think. I will have to ask. Enjoy your lovely view! Greetings from Beaverton, Oregon, USA.

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