I love shopping at ALDIs as a college student I

I love shopping at ALDI’s as a college student! I was able to make all of this s…

I love shopping at ALDI’s as a college student! I was able to make all of this spaghetti with bell peppers, conecuh sausage, 50/50 Italian sausage & ground beef, onion powder, garlic powder, lawrys seasoning salt and for the sides I did sweet butter salad, & cornbread with plenty of leftovers for $20. (If you’re one of those people who likes salad with spaghetti try mixing them together, life-changer I swear!) 🫶🏾

thank for the original creator Caitlin Hawk

50 thoughts on “I love shopping at ALDI’s as a college student! I was able to make all of this s…”

  1. Jessica Lee Loney

    Like stir it up together. I’ve never tried it but I am a mixer with my food and i will.

  2. As a college student if you would cook one day a week, you can put in containers meals and freeze. You can make 4-8 different meals and that will be enough to have something different each night of week for a month or for 15 days or more lunch and dinner. Freeze in containers and use freezer tape to mark what is inside.

  3. Conecuh at Aldi?? I am soooo jealous! It’s the best and still finding it but never at Aldi unfortunately

  4. I love salad and Spaghetti but I also don’t like my food to touch 🙄 that would be very hard for me to do 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️

  5. Bethanne Sparkman

    I mix my spaghetti with my salad and it grosses my husband out. He doesn’t even like his on the same plate!

  6. Denise Giovanni

    Delish! Can’t wait until Aldi’s open in my neck of the woods. I’m looking forward to shopping there.

  7. Tiffany Hayden

    Omg i loveeee mixing my salad with my spaghetti! I dont known how people who dont like their food touching cope lol, mixing stuff just tastes so good 😍

  8. Jessica Lee Loney

    Things that are also delicious mixed together are… bbq meat mac and cheese and fries. Baked beans and mac and cheese. Cornbread. Meatloaf and brown beans. And refried beans. Lettuce and mexican rice.

  9. Kimberly JoAnn Martinez

    Love this!!! I’ve been searching for filling meals that will cut my groceries down. What is the salad dressing?

  10. Temperance Cotton

    May I recommend –

    Put crispy cold salad on top of your pizza after you put it on your plate to eat

    The crispy crunchy salad with the bubbling hot pizza is no joke to die for.

    I will now be eating this for dinner tomorrow 😂

  11. Michaela Harris

    yesss, also when you reheat the sauce if you need some liquid in there, use some italian dressing! soo good

  12. Katlyn Pfeiffer

    I’m just dumbfounded that so many people are mixing their salad with their spaghetti. I’ll throw some ranch on my leftover spaghetti with some mozzarella though. I imagine the salad just adds some crunch.. might try it

  13. Y’all are out here mixing your salad into the spaghetti?😭🤣 I love weird food combos so i will definitely be trying it

  14. Frances Sarver

    That sure does look yummy!😋 I love salad with almost anything, but it’s especially good with spaghetti

  15. Andrea Freeman

    I loooove salad mixed with my spaghetti, thought I was the only one who did. I like salad mixed with mashed potatoes too. 😁

  16. Love Aldi and I love mixing my spaghetti with salad lol. And I see your from Tuscaloosa so is my dads side of the family! ROLL TIDE

  17. Theresa Sullivan

    I don’t completely mix my salad and spaghetti together, but I’ll take bites of them together and yes it’s great.

  18. The bagged salad at Wal-Mart that is called chopped Ceaser Salad is the best with spaghetti!!!

  19. Alysa Mclachlan

    I love salad with lasagne but haven’t had it with spaghetti before for some reason. But I’m going to try it.

  20. Marlene Robertson

    Love mixing my salad in with my spaghetti. Also, if you haven’t, try mixing your salad with mashed potatoes – now there is awesome deliciousness!

  21. Katharine Jones

    Looks delicious! Love Aldi, I have kids and shopping there is the best way to stay in or under my budget but still get the stuff they want. 😋🤩

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