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I know this group is awesome with coming up with recipes on the fly. I have no m…

I know this group is awesome with coming up with recipes on the fly. I have no money but need dinner ideas for the next 2 days with 90° temps for 2 adults and 1 toddler. Please help. Thank you so much. This what I have.
2 Ham steak, 1/2 lbs of chicken breast, 3lbs of burger, 1lb of cod fish, lots of eggs, cream of mushroom and chicken soup, frozen mixed veggies, spaghetti sauce, chicken gravy, lots of spices, instant mashed potatoes, pasta, knorr broccoli and cheese rice, celery, onions, spinach, cream cheese, bread, very little sliced cheese.

thank for the original creator Shelby Chiszar

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  1. Meal 1- take the chicken breast and sphaghetti sauce , cheese and mash potatoes =Chicken Parm with Mash potatoes

    Meal 2- take the broccoli cheese and rice FRY IT with egg add the bag of mixed veggies ..=VEGGIE FRIED RICE

    MEAL 3 – take the pasta , add , spinach, seasoning with garlic and butter

  2. Meal 4- take the bread and cook the ham steak , add eggs on it and gravy = good sandwich lol

  3. MaeMarie LeForce

    Dice up one of the ham steaks, and some celery and onion. Mix with mayo and have sandwiches.
    Cut up the chicken into small pieces (cooks faster!) and mix it with the rice and broccoli, maybe add some of the mixed vegetables. The chicken can cook along with the rice on the stove.
    Ham and eggs for breakfast!
    Pan fry the fish and serve with any vegetables you have.
    Obviously there’s lots of ideas here, but I am also considering the heat. I hate running the oven in the summer!

  4. Youve got a pretty well stocked pantry…could add more fruit and baking stuff (flour cornmeal) not actually for summer. This what Id like my pantry to be!😎🙂😉💖

  5. Use a pound and make meatballs/brown and put in the crock pot with some cream of mushroom or chicken soups and spices (simple, like garlic powder/pepper). Serve over noodles or mashed potatoes. Use another pound or pound and a 1/2 and make meatloaf and you can put in the crock pot. Layer onions/garlic on the bottom and put the meatloaf on top. Make your own sauce “think using spaghetti sauce) and google home made tomato soup (use the spaghetti sauce instead of tomato sauce). Delicious. Pan fry your meat/or make meatballs and put in the crock pot with your spaghetti sauce. Won’t take long. Don’t do all day long. For ham steak, we like to grill it (for some reason, it it less salty). Just make it simple and serve with a side of your frozen veggies.

  6. For dinner tonight we are having ham and eggs with toast – sounds like you have all the stuff for that!

  7. Ham,eggs and fried potatoes. Fish and homemade steak fries. Chicken stir fry with rice or egg noodles.

  8. Hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes. Use the cream of mushroom or chicken soup to make the hamburger gravy .

  9. Crockpot,chicken breast,cream cheese,ranch dressing seasoning packet,high 4hrs,low 8hrs,stir only when done,serve on buns

  10. Mickey Donna McLeod

    I put chicken in my slow cook pot earlier with cinnamon, nutmeg & canned mandarin oranges. Not sure how this is going to turn out but…… Going to serve with knorr broccoli cheese rice.

  11. Valerie Bashura Riesbeck

    Patty melts with the burgers, onion, bread and sliced cheese (if you run out of sliced cheese cream cheese would work too!)

  12. Caitlin Richter

    Chicken in crockpot with cream soup and shred when done serve over noodles or mash potatoes

  13. Barb Davies Oswalt

    Put chichen breast in crockpot
    Mix mixed veggies and can of
    Cream of chichen soup ( I use
    2 cans, call for one but 2 gives
    It mote flavor) I mix a 1 tsp garlic
    Power and 1/2 can of milk
    Pour over chicken. Cook on
    Low 6 To 8 hrs. Shredd chichen
    When cooked. Serve over mashed
    Potatoes or biscuits. Salt and pepper
    To your taste

  14. Brown ground beef add cream of mushrooms soup and serve over rice or pasta or potatoes super easy super yummy

  15. Ham steak and eggs with mixed veggies

    Chicken with the rice and broccoli

    Baked spaghetti with the hamburger meat

  16. Put all those ingredients into the Supercook app or .com. It’ll tell you what you can make. Cuts my grocery bill in half and I’m using my whole pantry and freezer wo buying more food.

  17. Helen Burke Spencer

    Crockpot chicken Ala king mix diced frozen veg with chicken and either soup. Serve over mashed or rice

  18. Chicken and cream of mushroom with frozen mixed veggies in the crockpot shredded over instant potatoes. And burger in the spaghetti sauce with pasta if you have it

  19. Last night we had chicken bacon ranch pasta salad. Cook chicken and cube. Boil noodles of choice and cool with water then drain. Add in whatever veggies you want. I usually use broccoli, onion, peppers, cucumber and tomatoes. Add chopped bacon and cubed cheese and for the sauce I use mayo, sour cream and 1 or 2 packets of ranch dressing mix. Have also used the Italian dressing mix, too for a different flavor.

  20. Shirley Clyburn

    I see you have spinach, eggs, onion so if there is milk try a crustless quiche ( fratta) and put just enough cheese on top to give that extra punch.

  21. Patricia Newman

    Pasta salad with tuna or whatever meat you have.
    Cook chicken in crock pot with cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soups.
    Make hamburger steaks with gravy
    Chicken n gravy over mashed potatoes, pasta or rice.
    If you have a window in kitchen, put a fan in it backwards to blow hot air out.

  22. Take your eggs and use some of the cream of mushroom soup, instead of milk and wisk. Then add in some spinach, seasonings of choice and make an omlet/pan scrable. Then top with your cream cheese and some sauteed onion.

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