I just requirements some opinions/advice… I’m gonna consider to maintain this brief. I take pict…

I just requirements some viewpoints/advice… I’m gonna consider to continue to keep this shorter. I take photos of sporting situations that my young children are a element of. I choose pics of the overall workforce. I have seen my photos currently being made use of on a couple of social networks, without the need of supplying credit to me, by individuals whom I’m not even “friends” with. I by no means applied a watermark when I initial commenced taking pictures merely due to the fact I did not think I required to. What I’m inquiring for opinions/advice on is:
Is it incorrect of me to want recognition for something I place time and energy into? And, what would be your option to this dilemma? Maybe I’m just becoming petty but I normally imagined it was a rule of thumb to ask permission to use another person else’s photos…

thank for the unique creator Stacy Coulson

12 thoughts on “I just requirements some opinions/advice… I’m gonna consider to maintain this brief. I take pict…”

  1. I’m not a fan of watermarks either, but if you find your work is being used in this way I guess it’s not the worst thing to do.

  2. Elizabeth Poore-Jennings

    The ease oF sharing photos online has led to a background of entitlement to people’s work especially in situations like sports and kids activities. A watermark would definitely be appropriate. As for bringing it up, that depends on the people involved.

  3. Hollie Jean Pickett

    I’m not a water mark either usually but you should get credit:. Doesn’t take but a few extra clicks to do so.

  4. Using your photos with consent is a copyright violation. I have had images taken from social media pages and used without my consent. A simple email or message can clear this up. Unfortunately, now I tend to put 50% opacity watermark across the middle, if they want to buy the pictures, remove the watermark. I started the same way, shooting field hockey games.

  5. Use a watermark for this reason anything you post on social media mark it ! If not your gonna have people stealing your work ! And it will become a much bigger issue !

  6. Caroline LaRussa

    I would just learn from my mistake and start using a watermark 🙂 I wouldn’t bring it up regarding old photos. These pics have probably been shared by proud parents.

  7. Sarah Katherine Green

    Use a watermark and when you post the photos I’d say something along the lines of, “please feel free to tag yourself, or who you know, share, etc just add my name to the photo for credit please” doesn’t always work but your watermark will help too.

  8. Mine are stolen too. Just the ones I do find tells me there are more. I bill the theif. If they are local confront them in person. A shot of my Cur dog was swiped by a local auto service center to be their mascot/logo. Watermark and hope they don’t take it out in PS.

  9. Definitely use watermarks on your pictures. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting full credit for your pictures! These are beautiful! You should sell your photos on smugmug and hand out business cards to parents at these sporting events. They can go to your website and buy any photos of their kids right from your website. The good thing about this wensite is parents or clients can buy any size prints or turn them into gifts all from your website. Make a profit and show everyone what you love doing all at the same time. I just started my photography business and I use smugmug for my website. Clients can even get their own private viewing room for their photoshoots. Any questions, PM me.

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