I impulsively bought too many peaches… What should I make

I impulsively bought too many peaches… What should I make? Recipes? I don’t usua…

I impulsively bought too many peaches… What should I make? Recipes? I don’t usually cook with peaches.

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30 thoughts on “I impulsively bought too many peaches… What should I make? Recipes? I don’t usua…”

  1. Tracy Statz Johnston

    I plan on grilling some peaches this week when I make a pork tenderloin 🙂

    Btw….to make them last and not all ripen at the same time, wrap them individually in a paper towel and store them in the box, in the fridge. When you want to use them, take them out a day or two in advance to ripen.

  2. Brooke East-Coast Killion

    Can them!
    Peach cobbler
    Peach crisp
    Peach pie
    Baked ham (use peaches instead of pineapple)

  3. I would dice them all up, freeze, and add to chia pudding for breakfast every day in summer. My husband would add them to oatmeal. Whatever floats your boat!

  4. We just cooked some in the airfryer with cinnamon brown sugar and butter. Served with ice cream.

  5. Christine Gillispie

    That’s an amazing amount considering the grocery store want almost $4 a pound. I would make smoothies by freezing left overs, peach salsa, peach tea, eat a peach and Google other recipes.

  6. Devan Christenson

    Google how to freeze peaches. You blanch them briefly and the skin pulls off easily. Then you can freeze for treats and recipes during the winter. Frozen wedges are a delicious snack.

  7. Christie Wojtasczyk

    Slice them and add sugar and cinnamon in skillet till sugar dissolves. I use it on pancakes or waffles. In top of ice cream. In hand pies or just as one slice to each canned crescent roll, and make a batch of little desserts. Roll up and add more cinnamon sugar over top. Bake as crescent rolls directions

  8. We just peeled them, took the seed out and quartered then put them in some cold water with lemon juice and left them for about an hour, drained and then we measured out the amount we wanted vacuum sealed (or you can put in freezer Ziploc bags) and put in the freezer. We will sweeten as needed when we use it, so we didn’t put sugar or sweetener on ours

  9. Heather Harrell

    Peach shortcake pancakes. Make pancakes but instead of syrup use chopped peaches and top with whipped cream. Delicious

  10. Sierra Everett

    Peach dump cake
    Peach pie
    Homemade peach ice cream
    Peach cobbler
    Peach smoothies
    Peach jelly / preserves

  11. Donna Thrasher Davis

    Peel, cut them up, and freeze in zip locks….Crazy Cobbler- cut up 6-8 peeled peaches, put into boiler, add 11/2 c water, 1c sugar, boil slowly untill you have about 1c of juice left, ( set aside) then Melt 1 stick of butter in 13×9 in. baking dish then mix , 1 c flour, 1 c sugar, and 1c butter Milk, mix well, pour into melted butter, spoon peaches around in pan, then pour jucies around in pan, bake 350-400° untill golden brown..right before done sprinkle sugar on top….

  12. Erikita Hernandez

    I was scrolling and this picture reminded me of what I forgot when I got my groceries earlier my Peaches!!!! I’ll go tomorrow I love peaches!!!

  13. Can them.
    Peach pie.
    Peach cobbler.
    Eat the S*it out of them 😂
    (Just trying to make you laugh)

  14. Ice cream so easy with an ice cream freezer.
    6 eggs separated
    Add yolks
    1 1/2 cups sugar
    5 Tbsp vanilla
    2 cans evaporated milk
    1 can sweetened condensed milk
    Milk well till sugar dissolved pour into freezer can add 2 lbs diced peaches

    Beat egg whites till stiff fold into mixture
    Insert blade , place lid on top and add ice and ice cream Salt. Churn till frozen adding ice and salt as needed.

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