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How do you make a stir fry I especially need

I have so many eggs! Ideas that aren’t stir fry or sandwiches please?

I have so many eggs! Ideas that aren’t stir fry or sandwiches please?

thank for the original creator Regina Phelange

49 thoughts on “I have so many eggs! Ideas that aren’t stir fry or sandwiches please?”

  1. Egg pudding….devil.eggs…….egg salad…… Paris pattie……flan cake….rice pudding…..tapioca pudding……

  2. Krissy Kauffman Faulkner

    Don’t know if its been said but home made egg noodles. We love making them and eating them!

  3. Emily Moore Fowler

    Egg muffins then freeze. Scramble egg, add veggies of your choosing then bake 350 about 10 minutes.

  4. Samantha Kimbrell

    If it’s cause you have chickens ( share your butt nuggets) if not then everyone’s ideas one here are amazing. Breakfast casserole for dinner. Egg in a whole, baking, quiche, use in making pasta. So many ideas.

  5. Ruby B. Blanchard

    Add to sweet peas, egg stew with Tomao sauce, put boiled eggs in gumbo, add to stir fried rice, potato salad, eggs & grits!!!

  6. If I was more techo-savy I would have shared the link and not a screenshot.
    People add preserves, syrup. Usually served as a breakfast meal.

  7. Virginia O'Neal

    Ham, cheese, and eggs, Bacon cheese and eggs, sausage, cheese and eggs, casserole’s or even omelet’s

  8. Melinda Neumann Fortenberry

    Egg custard pie
    We make breakfast casserole and have for dinner. Check Pinterest for one with ingredients you like.
    Make egg salad add green olives with a little of the olive juice.

  9. Deviled eggs…quiche…custard…omelets…crepes…bread pudding or French toast casserole…lemon meringue pie…

  10. Mandy Rogers Judd

    Hard boiled, deviled eggs. French toast. Egg salad. Potato salad. Baking cookies, quick bread mixes like banana bread. Chef salad with the hard boiled eggs.

  11. Angela Guajardo Daugherty

    Quiche!!! Easier than what you think.

    Also, you can make a breakfast “pizza” with crescents as the base.

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