I have several fresh peaches What can I make NOT

I have several fresh peaches. What can I make? NOT canning or freezing or dump …

I have several fresh peaches. What can I make? NOT canning or freezing or dump cake. I’ve eaten as many as I can. Time to transform them.

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26 thoughts on “I have several fresh peaches. What can I make? NOT canning or freezing or dump …”

  1. Slice and sugar in the fridge for few hours then place them on top of a good quality ice cream (pour the juice over it too)Simple an delicious

  2. Angela McKay O'Neal

    Peach cobbler is a favorite! Lots of
    Recipes on Pinterest.
    Search for peach recipes and you can find all kinds of options.

  3. Make a peach Galette if you are looking for something sweeter, it’s a type of opened face French pastry, just use pie dough, flatten on a baking sheet, cook down your peaches in some sugar and water and vanilla, and some Leon juice or any thing else you may like with them, and then spread them on the pie crust, fold over the sides so it makes a circle all the way around and bake on 325 for 30-40 minutes. It’s great with a side of ice cream!! Here’s one I made a few weeks ago, I added so cherries to the peaches and made a cream cheese drizzle

  4. Danielle Williams

    Peach cobble, peach pie, peach smoothie, snack with peaches and lil Mexican chili powder on them

  5. Karen Diederich

    Peel and slice into a bowl, sprinkle with sugar add milk.
    A great breakfast or snack..we had 4 peach trees growing up. Peach jelly or preserves.pickled peaches.

  6. Pork and peaches. Such a great combo. Grilled peaches are fantastic with just about anything but I love them with pork.

  7. Cube pork loin-1inch. Slice peaches not too thin. Toss both on bbq sauce. Put on sewer and barbeque. Yumm!

  8. Sherry Oneslager

    Make a sauce and drizzle over your steak. You could also make a stir fry sauce with them.

  9. Shakes
    Fruit salad
    I chop and put in my morning yogurt
    Put it in your oatmeal
    Puree it and add to cakes and muffins

  10. Take peaches out in saucepan add brown sugar and some lemonade to slightly add tartness and moisture add cinnamon boil when gets slightly thick make biscuit dough from package drop into liquid by teaspoonful peaches and dumplings

  11. Cobbler. Fried pies. Baked pies. Cook like apples and serve over vanilla ice cream. Slice and cook with pork chops. Salsa, pico with fruit, dehydrate and put in Trail mix. Peach syrup for tea, mixed drinks, over pancakes or waffles.

  12. I love to take a fresh peach, cut in half, leave peel on, and put on grill last few minutes of whatever. pork tenderloin or chicken go well. Make sure you have skin up, makes beautiful grill marks

  13. Charlotte Whitbeck

    Cut them up. Add a bit of sugar. Pour half and half over it. It sounds weird but it is delicious.

  14. Make Peach and spicy pepper jelly then use it as a glaze on chicken or shrimp kabobs. Very yummy!!!

  15. Peach Cobbler—-Cut & cook peaches with just a bit of butter & sugar & cinnamon .
    ( dough /crust ) While peaches are cooking mix 1 Cup of sugar , 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of milk splash of vanilla In a bowl . In casserole dish spray with Pam & pour the flour, sugar, milk , vanilla mixture in sprayed pan & dump cooked peaches & kind of swirl it around on top add just even brown sugar to lightly cover over top & sprinkle more cinnamon on top. Take small slices of stick butter & put all over the top of this cobbler & bake til golden brown.

  16. I throw some in my KitchenAid mix them for a minute and then add my pancake ingredients. My kids love em *you can do it with literally anything else also*
    I’ve also added one to a chicken marinade I was making *I used my KitchenAid to mix the marinade* same steps but with all the different spices…

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