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I have a ton of fresh bacon bits given to me. Any ideas to use them up quickly?!…

I have a ton of fresh bacon bits given to me. Any ideas to use them up quickly?!

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28 thoughts on “I have a ton of fresh bacon bits given to me. Any ideas to use them up quickly?!…”

  1. Ginna Grimsley

    You can freeze them …but add to all types of salad ( pasta, potato, macaroni, antipasto), soups, add to grilled cheese, … honest its bacon lol it goes with everything 😋 😄 😜

  2. I take them and put in small bag and eat them at my desk at work for snack I know some might not like them that way but I do

  3. Gale Connor Breau

    Throw the. In your scrambled eggs and make breakfast wraps or complete your grilled cheese with bacon, they are a ni e additive in tik tok feta pasta or stick them in freezer for later use

  4. Äzalîah Måy

    pizza, easy garlic and bacon pasta, Cesar salad, potato jack, savoury muffins, baked potato, one pot bacon Alfredo, scrambled eggs with bacon bits, egg bacon & veggie pie, fresh pea soup( use bacon bits as topper), pumpkin soup( use bacon bits as topper), breakfast casserole, slow cooker loaded baked potato soup

  5. Throw in some veggies, I made a shrimp pasta and threw in some bacon bits… it’s good on everything

  6. Omelets, inside grilled cheeses, mashed potatoes, potato skins, add as a salad topping… treat them like a salty mini protein that you add to your food to use them up 🙂

  7. Idoni Marie Brinson

    I use them for omelettes and soups . U can freeze them I separate into smaller snack sized bags

  8. Kathryn Pederson

    Freeze them in smaller packages to use into the future. Meanwhile use in salads, potato soup, potato skins or of course baked potatoes. Add to eggs or pancaje batter, mix into things like mayonnaise or right uninhabited meat for burgers or meatballs. Anywhere you want a bacon hit. Weiners, beans and bacon bits, add to chili.

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