I have a nikon dslr d3300…

I have a nikon dslr d3300
Is this a nifty fifty lens and will it suit my camera?
Thank you

thank for the first creator Paula Allen

2 thoughts on “I have a nikon dslr d3300…”

  1. Nope. It will fit but it won’t work, you will have to focus manually. That is because this lens doesn’t have a built in focus motor, and neither does your d3300. If you want a nifty fifty that will auto-focus on your d3300 you have to get the one with the G, this one has a built-in focus motor. It is a little more expensive but it is worth it

  2. if you don’t mind manual lenses then a vintage takumar or pentacon on a M42 mount will be a sweet option
    you should be able to get an M42 to your camera adapter
    they wont have AF or IS but the optics and build are excellent around £30 for a vintage lens

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