Need ideas for a cost effective crowd pleasing dinner for 60

I have a huge pack of ground beef and my husband is trying to eat healthier and …

I have a huge pack of ground beef and my husband is trying to eat healthier and I cant eat red sauce BUTTTTT tomorrow night is family night! We eat FUN on family nights! What can I prepare ? No tacos or spaghetti please !

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  1. Stephanie Weiss Lafontaine

    Cheese burger macaroni, sloppy joes, beef and cheese enchiladas, quesadillas, nachos, Velveeta dip

  2. My mom used to make SLOP … 1 pound ground beef 1 can cream of chicken 1 can cream of mushroom 1 can enchilada sauce 1 packet taco seasoning …. layer doritos meat mix velveta cheese doritos meat mix velveta bake till cheese melted

  3. Margaine Dickerson

    Make a large meatloaf only don’t use the red sauce. I’m trying it tonight we love hamburger sauce. So I’m seasoning up large meatloaf only going to coat it with brown gravy. Gona have mashed potatoes ,green beans an corn

  4. Michelle Church

    Meatloaf burgers:
    Ground beef
    1 finely chopped onion
    2 tbsp minced garlic
    3 tsp dried parsley
    2 tsp dried thyme
    1 tsp black pepper
    2 tsp Greek seasoning
    1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
    1/2 sleeve of crushed saltine crackers
    2 eggs
    1 cup diced Velveeta cheese
    1 can of tomato sauce

    Mix everything together thoroughly, using half the can of tomato sauce in the mixture. Form into patties and ad soon as they are in the pan coat with tomato sauce. Fry in a frying pan on medium high until done or bake at 375° 30 minutes. flip and baste halfway through using the rest of the tomato sauce to coat the burgers as they cook. We like ours with grilled onions on a butter toasted bun, but you could eat them without the bun too with mashed potatoes and corn casserole

  5. Rotel dip nachos with easy churros (canned biscuit strips site and basted with oil then air fried..a bit more oil and roll in cinnamon sugar.

  6. Kristi Miller Murray

    Make burgers for the kiddos and a hamburger steak with grilled onions and bell peppers for hubby.

  7. Hamburger Dip: cook hamburger then drain off grease. Add a jar of salsa, 1-2 cans of Rotel tomatoes, Velveta cheese. Cook until cheese is melted and Ingredients are well mixed

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