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I have a half of roast left from tonight’s dinner. It was still a little tough. …

I have a half of roast left from tonight’s dinner. It was still a little tough. What can I make with it for tomorrow? I have not mastered the crockpot roast.😖

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  1. Roast
    1 can cream of mushroom or chicken
    Sprinkle with 1 pkg onion soup mix. Crockpot 6-8 hours.

  2. The only way I make pot roast in a crock pot is to add I box (that’s 2 packets in one box) of Lipton onion soup mix. I add an onion sliced with salt, pepper,garlic powder or fresh garlic. I mix the 2 packets of onion soup mix in a measuring cup with only a couple tablespoons of water. You don’t need to add water to a crock pot, pot roast. The juices from the meat will be enough to make a gravy. I cook it on high for ONLY 45 minutes then on low for 6 to 8 hours. I put the carrots, potatoes and any other vegetables in about an hour and a half before the roast is done. This way will make sure the potatoes and carrots are done in time. Btw I will put the crockpot on high when I add the potatoes and carrots to make sure they are soft enough.

  3. Brenda Jo Scott Bruck

    My family loves homemade vegetable beef soup made from left over roast. I use baby carrots .potatoes diced . Mixed vegtables2 cans. Can green beans. I use v8 juice. Water and beef bouillon and lawry seasoning salt. Cool on top of stove until veggies are tender.or cook in crock pot.

  4. Amanda Williams

    shred and put in brown gravy or au jus sauce. simmer slowly for few hours, serve on hoagie rolls with chips

  5. Nichol Sova Mayberry

    Beef tips n gravy. Or cook it a bit longer i. Crockpot n do shredded beef sandwiches on a hoagie roll

  6. Slice thinly against the grain .. make a gravy .. place thinly sliced meat between bread slices .. pour hot gravy over all .. serve with mashed potatoes and veggie

  7. Lilliana Waterhouse

    I just make a roast tonight! I make mine kinda a stew. I add liquid an I cut it up in squares an I let it cook for 5hrs 🙂

  8. Chop it up, add raw chopped potatoes and onions, mix and put in pie shell. Fold shell in half, sealing edges. Brush a beaten egg on top. Bake 350 for about 40 min or until golden brown on top. Serve with gravy

  9. Make sure to seer meat before it goes into the crock pot. This seals all the goodness in. I usually use a chuck roast for crock pot & a package of French onion soup mix & a can of coke & cook on high for 30-45 min then turn to low. It’ll turn out just like Cracker Barrel pit roast. You can also use coffee. I usually cut up extra & make gravy out of the liquid & serve over egg noodles or mashed potatoes or bread.

  10. Put it back in the crock pot add you some beef broth cook it on low let it shred a little bit and then make you some noodles for beef noodles

  11. Carol St.Pierre

    Mastering a crockpot could be using too much liquid, so it’s like low boiling. With sauce its different, but still only need enough for bottom unless your making a stew.

  12. Theresa Jones Nicolls

    Add to crockpot add some beef broth(1 cup) and cook on high for 6 hours . It should shreds and add bbq sauce for bbq beef sandwiches or add to tortilla’s (with no bbq sauce )

  13. Himm, idk about making it less tough except for cooking it in a Crock-Pot next time.. my husband loves it when I take the left over meat and cut it in small pieces then I take a jar or two of beef gravy, heat it up with salt and pepper then I put the warm mixture on top of cooked egg noodles. A warm roll with butter and a small salad makes a yummy meal

  14. Clif DeeDee Breaux

    Cut roast in small pieces and cook in gravy with potatoes, peas,
    and carrots (whatever veggies you like). Pour into a casserole dish and cover with canned biscuits. Cook according to biscuit directions. Put a piece of foil over
    first part of baking so that the biscuits don’t over-brown because you may need to add a couple minutes baking time so that the bottom of the biscuits sitting in the gravy get fully done.

  15. Beefand Noodles use beef broth cut up roast and cook ti resl tender Boil water add noodles til theyre dine also can add mushroom gravy salt pepper to your taste .!

  16. Shred it up or cut if it’s still pretty tuff use the pot roast juice and water and bouillon beef cubes if you have them let boil for half hour or so and add noodles. Cook till noodles are tender. Eat as soup or put over mashed potatoes.

  17. Michelle Rister Puckett

    Put back 8n crock pot over night in beef broth. Tomorrow make a gravy shred meat and put over noodles.
    Or shred meat add veggies and vegetable juice for veggie soup

    I always look my beef roasts over night and most next day. Adding water as needed. Always fork tender.

  18. If it’s tough, I would make hot roast beef sandwiches. Heat up, place on bread and smother with gravy

  19. Thank you for all the information. Everyone has great ideas and now I have more meal ideas.. 👍

  20. Enchiladas!

    Shred it up, take softened cream cheese, your favorite taco seasoning, and mix together.
    Spread that mix on shells, add meat, add some enchiladas sauce, add cheese, roll up, put into baking dish, add more enchilada sauce on top, and bake 375° for 15 minutes.

  21. check which cut of meat your getting. chuck roast and chuck tender are different cuts. one is cooked slow and low and one is quick and hot… i was having the same issue.

  22. The trick is moisture in the pot or pan…I would cut up the beef..spice is and add lots of (mushroom/onion) beef gravy
    Can serve with loaded mashed or baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes or rice and veggie

  23. Jonna Cook Johanson

    I always put my roast in crockpot about 11:00 pm on low and let it cook all night until 4:00-5:00 pm the next day. It literally falls apart. I finally learned this at the age of 60.

  24. Grind it, with a little onion, carrot, bell pepper add mayo..beef spread. Good on crackers or a sandwich.

  25. Jennifer Shadoan-Walsh

    Put it back in crockpot with some Italian dressing and bell peppers and onions when fork tender shred beef and add to hoagie rooks toasted a little provolone. Serve with some au jus and fries or salad

  26. Dana Mahan Jones

    Very little water in the bottom. Use meat tenderizer. Cook for at least 8-10 hours. Most of the time it literally falls apart.
    With left over roast you can make shredded beef chimichangas.

  27. Back in crockpot with barbecue sauce on low. Serve on onion rolls and cole slaw on side and chips.

  28. Donna McFarland Hargrove

    I put my roast, a pkg of pot roast seasoning (following directions on pkg), cut up an onion, cut potatoes. I’ll start it at night about 9 pm. I’ll cook it 12 hours then keep it on warm. I guarantee you it will be tender and fall apart! So good. Now we’re having roast this weekend!

  29. I’d put it back in the crock pot as well. The odd time, I swear, its just a tougher roast. I do my roasts the same every time. Once in awhile, super tough. Lol

  30. Put it back in the crockpot in tomato sauce it will flavor the sauce and tenderize the meat then you make a dish of pasta with sliced roast or cut it in chunks or shred it for sandwiches

  31. My mom would cut it into small pieces and boil it with diced onions and a can of stewed tomatoes, then add some macaroni to make macaroni/tomato soup. It was soooo good

  32. What cut of meat are you cooking? Some of them are meant to be cooked in moisture, and some are definitely meant for dry heat. You might be buying the wrong cut of meat for the crockpot, and putting it back in and cooking it longer won’t do a thing for it.

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