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I have a bag of fresh beets. What the heck do I do with these things?? LOL I nee…

I have a bag of fresh beets. What the heck do I do with these things?? LOL I need ideas, cheap would be great. I dont want them to go to waste and I know dads gonna ask me what I made with them!

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  1. Roasted beets cut into nite size cubes coat with oil sprinkle with salt & pepper bake 350^ oven about 15imiye crisp tender &firm

  2. Beet salad: boil, peel and dice the beets, add thinly sliced onion and crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, dress with olive oil and vinegar dressing

  3. Roast them, cut off the greens, wrap in foil and roast in oven at 400 degrees for about an hour. Delicious

  4. Theda Zimmerman

    We like them cooked, cooled, sliced, with a teaspoon of mayo on. Mother introduced me to this, we really like them that way. Pkus they are pretty, dark red/ with white!

  5. Bree Reed-Timko

    I made chocolate chunk beetroot cookies with mine a couple weeks ago.
    Pretty good, but next time i wanna try adding coco powder to the dough so the whole cookie is chocolaty.

  6. I make pickled beets once a year and we eat plain or diced on salads
    They also roast beautifullt

  7. Peel, dice, toss with olive oil and seasoning, roast in the oven high heat, maybe 20-40 minutes and turn them over every 10-15 min.

  8. I roast them. So yummy. After you can eat them warm. Or let them cool off and then dice up in big pieces & put in glass bowl with sone Italian dressing or vinegrette toss and place on fresh green salad. Or eat as it’s own side salad. So yummy

  9. Beet salad… shred it and you can also shred carrots to go with it and make a vinaigrette style dressing of your choice and toss and chill and serve

  10. I wash them, dry off, rub olive oil on them and wrap individually with foil and cook in crockpot pot till knife goes through easily (about 4/6 hr.s on high) peels easily and nutrients r keep in !

  11. Phyllis Bolsinger

    I pickled some with brown sugar and tarragon. I don’t care for beets but I liked that combo.

  12. Noreen Encarnacion

    Slice oven roasted beets and spread goat cheese or chèvre mixed with walnuts, then repeat with several more slices to create a stack. Place each stack on a bed of greens and drizzle a balsamic glaze with more walnuts over the top. You can also alternate the red beet slices with roasted golden beets for an even nicer presentation.

  13. Charlotte Whitbeck

    Scrub well. Roast in oven with salt and pepper. If you like pickled, put in container with vinegar, water and sugar overnight.

  14. Debora Fiori Parker

    I boil until soft, check with a skewer. Skin easy to peel off. Cube or slice. Put in a jar. 1/2 water,1/2 vinegar to fill jar.1/2 cup sugar. Refrigerate.Easy picked beet. Also boil serve warm with butter salt and pepper.

  15. Roseanne Whitmore

    Pickled beets, cook them peel them cut into slices bag and freeze in serving size, beet cake, beet muffins, cook peel slice dehydrate make beet chips

  16. Cook them in boiling water and peal them, slice them up and put sprinkle them with red wine vinegar and olive oil, little salt and pepper. Eat them warm

  17. Theresa Woodcock

    Peel and cut into chunks and toss in olive oil, honey and salt and pepper and roast in the oven!

  18. Katherine McLaughlin

    I like pickled beets this is super easy cut off tops and wash them put in a pan to boil keep water over them poke once in a while till as tender as you like dump in the si k and run cold water over them rub with your hands peels fall off set aside to cool then slice how you like the sauce my folks used was equal parts water sugar and vinegar stir good pour over beets and refrigerate you can also add a few boiled eggs to the bowl for a few pickled eggs yes they turn purple….lol

  19. Katherine Horton

    I boil til tender. Peel and slice. Melt butter and orange marmalade in pan and add beets til heated through. Sooooo good

  20. Bailey Speckamp

    Roast them for a beet salad…. roast some carrots beets potatoes in the air fryer… make a sauce with little honey thyme garlic olive oil/butter lemon juice salt pepper and toss.. crumble some goat cheese on top

  21. I discovered if I put them in my mini crock pot and cook for hours, they turn out very delicious without anything added. I do add about a 1/2 cup of water. Very nutritious!!!

  22. Borsh soup.. I use breakfast sausage and cut them into little piece before cooking them (they make littles meat balls) and then I adjust all the other ingredients with what I have in my pantry 🤗 (sometime I add shredded carrots, use beef or chicken broth, etc..)

  23. Roast them as a side fish. Peel and season. Put on a tray and add olive oil to all the seasoned beets. Roast for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. I’m wondering if you can take the roasted beets and pickle them too to create pickled beets.

  24. Lynne Schultheis

    I wash them, cut green and stem off, slice and roast adding a little olive oil and salt and pepper. Beet greens and stems can also be eaten Sautéed just Toss with olive oil and garlic and salt and pepper. So good and healthy.

  25. Christine Davis Kurash

    Boil then till tender then peel and remove the tops. Slice and add Italian dressing and honey let them soak in that about an hour then serve. (Keep tops, they can be sautéed in butter with a little fennel seed . )

  26. Maryanne Hillard

    Wash them and throw them in the crock pot for 8 hours on low. Then peel and eat. The skins should slip off easily.

  27. I love them boiled.
    If you save the water after boiling, boil eggs with them, pink deviled eggs! Mash a bit with the yolk as well.
    Quinoa salad with beets, red onion, pomegranate, feta cheese.
    I’ve also froze them once cooked to use later.

  28. Save your pickle juice. Add your cooked sliced Beets, the best! I also just blanch slice and freeze.

  29. Roasted- in tin foil with olive oil and seasonings – salt and pepper and rosemary- bake until tender- like a potato. Eat warm or cold so good

  30. Chanelle Ruest-Summers

    I saw a video the other day that people were using beats as potatoes. They cooked them in a pan like breakfast potatoes. Not sure if it would be any good but I’d try it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  31. Hmmm make pickled eggs..or peel and boil…we never had fresh ones as a kid but I love them…my kids not so much

  32. Wash. Leave the tops and root on them so they don’t bleed as much when cooking them on top of the stove. This keeps vitimuns in beets. Put in pan with water boil until done. Cool in ice water. Pealings will come off easy with fingers. Cut tops off and root off. Slice put into freezer bags freeze. Take bag out of freezer and put salt pepper and butter cook in microwave or stove to heat before eating

  33. When you boil to make pickled beets ,save the water and make beet jelly. The recipe is on the internet. It uses a package of kool-aid to flavor. So good.

  34. Pickle them or juice them, I don’t care for them so I’m not much help but pickling will allow you to use them more slowly in salads and such

  35. Shelly Skramstad

    Scrub well and cut the stems off to about half an inch left. Put in a kettle and boil until a fork pokes easily in them. Take off stove and dump water out and replace with cold water. The ski s will come right off. Dice up and put butter, salt and pepper on them. High in vitamin A and very healthy for you.

  36. April Mccrady-Hirsch

    Wonderful ideas here. I love beets and often just throw them in my grator and add them to anything. I want to try them in zucchini bread. Has anyone done that?

  37. Roast them.. cut in small chunks add olive oil and favorite seasoning ( season salt, nicks, nature’s season etc) then bake

  38. Connie Bollinger Fremin

    I agree with the others-roasted! Sooo good.
    Also, as someone else mentioned, it stains EVERYTHING-including your urine and poop. Be prepared and don’t think you’re peeing blood! 🩸

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