Ok so ppl that make Spaghetti sauce from scratch… I

I have 2 pounds of stew meat what kind of ideas besides beef stew would you make…

I have 2 pounds of stew meat what kind of ideas besides beef stew would you make?

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39 thoughts on “I have 2 pounds of stew meat what kind of ideas besides beef stew would you make…”

  1. Cook and shred for hamburger
    Check Pinterest or Cooks.com for recipes.
    Fry 3-5 lbs. of hamburger, drain and add 1 pkg of onion soup mix. Divide into 1 cup freezer bags or containers. When needed, thaw in the microwave. I also use ground turkey, or pork sausage to substitute.
    Most entrees are ready to eat in 30 minutes.
    Baked ziti
    Beef gravy and biscuits
    Beef and cabbage
    Beef and noodles
    Beef pot pie
    Beef stew
    Beefy mac and cheese
    Cheese Queso and chips
    Cheeseburger egg rolls
    Cheeseburger pie
    Cheeseburger soup
    Cheesy Sloppy Joes
    Chili Cheese Dogs
    Chili Topped Baked Potatoes
    Enchilada casserole
    Fritos Chili Pie
    Hamburger baked beans
    Hamburger Bierocks
    Hamburger gravy on mashed potatoes
    Hamburger Gyros
    Hamburger Hash
    Hamburger Helper
    Hamburger Stroganoff
    Hamburger-potato casserole
    Loaded baked potatoes
    Mexican lasagna
    Nacho soup
    Pizza Soup
    Shepherds Pie
    Sloppy Joes
    Spanish rice
    Stuffed peppers
    Taco Layered Dip
    Taco Salad
    Taco casserole
    Tater Tot casserole
    Vegetable soup
    Walking Tacos

  2. Adobo, or slow cook it, shred it, add diced potatoes and make a Hash dish you can eat in the morning with fried eggs.

  3. Rhonda Estep-Baugh

    Stew meat with brown gravy over rice s ok good cook in the crockpot till fork tender then make the gravy ladle over fluffy rice or mashed potatoes

  4. Kelly Lainberger-fitzpatrick

    I put my stew meat in tin foil with soy sauce and garlic salt and bake it and then make potatoes for the side sometimes throw some shrimp in it

  5. Jenn Williams Perry

    Green chili burritos – season meat with garlic onion salt and pepper cook in skillet add a can of green chili enchilada sauce thicken with a little cornstarch and water add to flour tortillas with cheese lettuce tomatoes

  6. Teri Powell Roberson

    We boil them then drain them. Put jalapenos & onions or whatever you like in them then add bbq sauce or A1…I personally do the jalapenos & onions with bbq sauce for my husband and just plain A1 for me…bake them for about 15 minutes at 350 and serve.

  7. Candace Sullivan Beasley

    -Beef tips, gravy and rice.
    -Stir fry with chunky onions and bell peppers
    – use some to make veg beef soup
    -bbq some for sandwiches …

  8. Roll in flour and brown them in a skillet with bacon grease when brown remove from skillet and put in crockpot, in skillet sauté chopped onion til soft add more bacon grease as needed until you have enough to add flour too to make gravy, you want a deep brown gravy, add beef broth to make a thin gravy, Lipton’s beef onion soup mix, added to gravy , pour over stew meat and cover cook on low all day. You can serve this over Rice, noodles or mashed potatoes. Or place slice white bread on plate top with mashed potatoes then with meat and gravy, hubby’s favorite way to eat it.

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