I have a bag of farm picked tomatoes all about

I have 2 gallons of milk that I need to use ASAP Iso some easy recipes

I have 2 gallons of milk that I need to use ASAP
Iso some easy recipes

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  1. My mom used to pour milk into 5he ice treys and make milk cubes. Just cover with suran wrap..
    Then she would put them in a zip lock bag in the freezer. Took up less room and she would cook with the milk cubes

  2. Melissa Brackee

    I add Hershey chocolate syrup to milk I need gone quickly. Surprising how quickly 3 teenagers can drink a gallon of chocolate milk.

  3. Freeze it. But make sure you take out a few cups before you do because it will expand in the freezer. It’ll turn a light yellow color, don’t worry that will go away when you defrost it.

  4. Cheese burger soup🥰
    Then freeze left overs for later!! My kids n Grands call it pickle soup🤣 cause we all LOVE dill pickles n I put a lot in!! We eat it even in the summer!!!

  5. Milk can be frozen and used later in recipes such as baked goods
    Cakes, brownies, and breads like cornbread to name a few. This is the best way to preserve milk that is close to the expiration date.

  6. Ashley Brianna Moore

    I heard you can freeze milk! I think you have to open and dump a little out! Look it up!

  7. Biscuits and gravy uses a lot of milk. If I have a surplus of milk, I make cookies and it seems to disappear pretty quickly.

  8. You can freeze some. you could even portion it out in tablespoons in ice cube trays and store in zip lock bags once frozen. If a recipe calls for milk drop in the milk ice cubes.

  9. Michele Gaulin Shaw

    Add some lemon juice let sit for 5 minutes and make muffins. They freeze well and you’ll have for awhile

  10. I froze milk when my son was little. No problem except when he would sit and flip it back and forth while watching tv….he made butter. If you freeze it, it will separate. Who knew!🤣

  11. You can actually freeze milk, we used to do that back in the day. I suggest freezer bags, about half full. We only used it after freezing for coffee, chocolat milk, drinking … never for baking. Hope that helps.

  12. Rose Farrer-Wade

    You can freeze milk in a deep freezer and thaw when ready … I was told that , tried it and it really works and still tastes great.

  13. Sue Baetje Knierim

    You can freeze it too. I freeze 1 or 2 cups in a zip lock bag. Lay flat on cookie sheet til frozen then it stacks. It’s good for cooking. I keep mine up to 3 months.

  14. Kayleigh Hydron

    Different soups have milk in them you could make some and freeze them and just take them out when you are ready. I believe broccoli cheddar and creamy potato soups are 2 you could make.

  15. My grandson needs his own special milk. I freeze milk in ice cube trays n about 9 cubes is almost a full cup n he loves the crisp cold ice cube milk. Can put in different size freezer bags n put anywhere in the freezer 😉 I’ve been thinking about those kid freezer pops zipper refill bags that came out this yr. But for now the ice cube trays work well n pop them out n put in different size freezer bags n they keep my freezer colder on these hot days too.
    I just put cooked veggies n broth in ice cube trays to add to these cheap can soups, now that money is tight we freeze or dry just about everything now n by the cheap stuff n add to it n make it taste expensive 😉
    About 3-4 milk cubes for breakfast cereal n they practically thaw as you eat. N great on hot mornings, smack w a hammer if you need some for your coffee or use smaller ice/candy trays. I’ve found a small heart silicone candy trays for the coffee milk n I say have a heart n plop it in his coffee. A small gesture of love is great thing to have nowdays even if it’s a frozen milk heart ice cube. 😉
    If you freeze in the jugs the milk seperates from the water n you can see it in a frozen jug n when you thaw it you have to mix it back up. But in a ice cube tray not much to seperate if it does ? n it’s easier to blend back together 😉

  16. Jennifer Keeney

    When I have a gallon of milk that is ready to expire, I make a big pot of chipped beef gravy and then freeze it in quart containers for easy breakfasts!!

  17. Elise Alexander-Corona

    If you have an instant pot you can make yogurt. YouTube it…..pretty easy. And it makes a good amount. I make lemon curd from scratch to go with it….oh my it’s amazing!

  18. Michele Cooper

    Boil some. Toss in a few pats of butter, not too much, depending on how much milk you use. Salt it. Pepper it. Put oyster crackers or crumble saltines in it. So so good!

  19. You can freeze it turns yellow then when it unfreeze it goes back to white shake it and use, it taste the same before freezing

  20. Microwave custard
    1/2 c. milk, scalded
    1/4 c. sugar
    1/8 tsp. salt
    1 tsp. vanilla
    3 eggs, slightly beaten

    Mix the sugar,, salt,, vanilla and eggs.. Stir mix into milk . Pour into 4 custard cups. Sprinkle with nutmeg and microwave at 50% power (medium) 6-10 minutes. When it is set refrigerate.
    I make 3 recipes and share. We love it warm or cold.

  21. Make farmers cheese. Lots of Google recipes for it. It’s easy and it great on salads.

  22. Stacy Morphis Grayson

    Wow a lot of cooking cornbread I think you can freeze milkshakes for the kids and adults lol add to eggs stretch a little further cakes from scratch cupcakes Mac n cheese pancakes, biscuits

  23. Lisa Bowman Boatwright

    My mom used to freeze milk. She always let it get completely thawed in refrigerator before using it.

  24. Gillian Mccolm

    If it goes off make cheese with it bring to the boil and add lemon or vinegar turn down the heat and the cheese gathers all together when it separates. You can add what ever to it for extra taste in use it for risotto.

  25. When I’ve had excess milk to use up quick, I either make a huge pot of ‘cream of’ whatever soup (potato or broccoli, etc) and then freeze it if it doesn’t all get eaten that day or next… Or I make french toast to freeze for the kids to have as they want.

  26. Make a big pot of hot cocoa! Melt chocolate and add a little cocoa powder and marshmallows to it too when it’s hot enough. Can also add cinnamon

  27. Jo Ann Robinson Blackburn

    Scalloped potatoes or green bean casserole. I make a thick white sauce ( Bechamel Sauce) and layer thinly sliced russet potatoes and the sauce for my scalloped potatoes ( you can also add cheddar cheese to the sauce for Au grautin. For my green bean casserole I make the basic sauce and add grated Swiss cheese , parsley flakes or fresh chopped parsley , ground thyme ,salt & pepper .Sauce is poured over several bags of frozen French cut green beans ( cooked and drained as pkg directs) slice a few hard boiled eggs over beans and gently toss to mix with beans . Pour sauce over them , then top with grated Swiss cheese and progresso Italian bread crumbs and dot top with bits of butter. Bake at 375 degrees till bubbly and topping is browned. Use a lasanga pan or other roasting pan so you have lots of surface. The topping on this is what everyone loves.

  28. Mac and cheese
    1 lb al’dente elbow noodles
    6 oz sharp block cheese, cubed
    6 oz mild block cheese, cubed
    1 stick butter, cubed
    4 cups milk
    1 lb velveeta, cubed
    Crockpot, low 3 hours, done

  29. I would make rice pudding if you have rice, sugar and cinnamon. Then I would freeze the rest in cube form to add to things like hamburger helper or even Mac and cheese

  30. Shana Denise Roberts

    SOS, fry hamburger meat, drain, rinse pan, put 1-2 Tbsp bacon grease, add flour, to make a roux, add milk, salt n pepper to taste, let gravy thicken. Eat it on mashed potatoes, or bread, open a can of pork and beans. It’s delicious!

  31. A lot of folks are saying free it.. l would freeze it and make smoothly with it. Add frozen fruit such as strawberries, blue berries once it thaws out enough to put in blender…

  32. Janet Fraley Bradley

    We usually use 1/2 gallon making salmon stew. Add 2 cans of salmon with bones and skin removed. Add milk, canned diced potatoes drained, a can of petite diced tomatoes undrained. Heat until just before it boils. Salt and pepper. Serve with saltines and a little hot sauce. ( optional )

  33. Waffles/pancakes!! You can freeze them and have some for a faster breakfast! Way better than the store bought kind.

  34. Loraine King Parker

    Different types of soup, potato, broccoli, asparagus, clam chowder. Can mix potato and broccoli or potato and asparagus. There are many kinds that use milk.

  35. Patricia van Zon

    Put about a liter of milke in a pan (enought to put macaronie under.. make it boil but stay with it.. as soo as it boils straight away put the fire lower (watch milk cooks over if you waith to long) cook you macaronie in it. When the mac is cooked put chees in it at some muahrooms if you want (might wanna bake.them first) lil slices of ham to it and voila

  36. Wendy Stonehouse

    Heat on stove add vinegar cook a few minutes no boiling strain add salt strain more longer you strain harder the cheese is!🙂

  37. Take a little out and freeze it. Make sure it’s all thawed and mixed well before you use it tastes fine.

  38. Samantha Scott-O'Hara

    Biscuits and suausage gravy for breakfast. Crumble ground sausage, brown, do not drain, sprinkle 2 tablespoons flour and mix, salt,pepper to taste I add a little ground sage. 2 cups milk bring to a boil and keep it moving until it thickens up, serve over pieces of biscuits. If you want more or less just remember 1 to 1, 1 tablespoon flour to every 1 cup of milk.

  39. Jamie Mc Dougall

    Pudding? Depending on kind freeze it, but put in smaller containers so when you defrost it nit as hard to mix fats back in

  40. Kendra Buckles

    Pudding takes a lot of milk, make some different puddings. We love banana pudding 😍 hamburger helper takes a lot as well

  41. Make ricotta cheese! Need to heat the milk then add acid like, lemon juice or vinegar. Don’t stir for a while and then strain it through a cheese cloth. Something easy to be proud of.

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