‘ I hate Gym ‘ Incredible Journey of Maria, 23 ‘Before’ and ‘After’


When you see Karan Mariya’s Instagram feed and it’s clear that the New York-based hairdresser, admire her body. But it wasn’t the same before.

' I hate Gym ' Incredible Journey of Maria, 23 ‘Before' and 'After'

Maria grew up in a close family in Russia, her family ethos was mostly traditional and believed the more you ate, the healthier you were. Almost all her life she is always carrying additional puppy weight just like a child.

When growing up in Russia she was, unfortunately, the target of some of the horrible bullying. At the age of 12 Maria had enough and badly wanted to lose weight. When she went to the Gym, she was abused by a group of men for her shape and extra fat of the body. Because of the extensive bullying an abuse at the gym she decided that she will never step into a gym. Then she tried all sorts of diets and her body fat remain fluctuated throughout her age.

” I would often eat in response to my stress, emotions, and wasn’t attracted to boys. I was feeling rather down and isolated and my way of solutions is food’.

When Maria turn 19, her mother died of brain cancer. She was devastated – drive crazy that she felt like her life came crossed crashing down. She started drinking to get away from pain. Also, it gradually become an addiction to drinking.

Her physical condition deteriorated even further when Maria started to hang out with a rusty group of school friends. They are constantly taking drugs and engaging in casual sex. After undergoing the therapy treatment for drug addiction Maria decided to migrate to the US search for a new life.

When Maria is around 21st ( 5ft 8in*) she looks fatty and overweight and she had no idea how to take care of her body.

Then she started consulting a nutritionist to educate healthy habits and dieting. After a couple of months, her weight decline slowly and start to lose sharply after six months. However, she never wanted to hit the gym because difficult experience in her teenage.

With help from nutritionist, she finally decides to go to the gym and start different exercise and nutrition approaches. Besides, she opens with a positive mindset to commit and execute routine exercise schedules.

All the hard work brings out positive changes in her body and started seeping into other areas of her life. Maria now enjoying the benefits that most people admire her body. She also stopped drinking and other behaviors. She understands her body and worries about calories because she thinks the body has a good impact on her mental health.


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