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I finally have my OWN desk at my new office and I’m super excited to NOT be desk…

I finally have my OWN desk at my new office and I’m super excited to NOT be desk sharing anymore lol

With that being said, I need to fill my snack drawer. I do have access to a fridge and freezer, but I am looking mainly for ideas to put in my “designated snack drawer” at my desk.

Low sugar/carbs is preferred but I am open to anything!

thank for the original creator Bianca Heinrich

39 thoughts on “I finally have my OWN desk at my new office and I’m super excited to NOT be desk…”

  1. Oat clusters. Melted chocolate and oats rolled into balls either can eat like that after hardened in fridge or flatten and bake for 5 minutes to make cookies in oven

  2. If you leave food in your desk, I would put in a good plastic container with lid to keep critters out.

  3. If you have access to microwave, I used to keep microwave popcorn in my desk drawer. I used Smart Pop brand

  4. Randi Muller Dixon

    I took garbanzo beans and put them in the air fryer to crisp. Toss them in any kind of seasoning Cajun ranch Parmesan they’re great

  5. Bethany Scruggs

    Mine is hot chocolate, cashews, raisins, crackers, chips. In the fridge I keep cheese cubs, laughing cow cheese, sweet peppers and sometimes bring in Hummus.

  6. Nuts
    Beef jerky
    Cereal bars
    Nutella & pretzels
    Dried fruit
    Chocolate-covered raisins

  7. No suggestions for snacks but I sure would not store them in desk drawer. Storing food draws roaches, ants and mice. Get a lunch type bag to carry your snacks in and take home everyday.

  8. Wasabi and soy almonds…peanuts…protein bars…beef jerky…pepperoni sticks…dried fruit…granola clusters…fruit cups…

  9. Sherrie Dancer

    Cereal bars, popcorn, crackers (take ham and cheese to keep in the fridge to make lunchables) dried fruit, nuts, dried lentils and pulses

  10. Debi Toschlog Brim - Indiana

    I am no help on this one! My definition of”desk snack drawer” is one bag of mini Hershey bars!😅😅😅😅😅

  11. Summer O'Connor

    I keep a container of mixed nuts, a bag of green apple chips, and a bag of Caesar flavored harvest snaps as well as gushers at my desk. The first three are super healthy and DELICIOUS, and the last one is in case my blood sugar goes low because I’m a type 1 diabetic lol. I keep them separated in a Bento box that fits perfectly in one of my drawers, and I have a mini fridge that holds six sodas at my desk lol.

  12. Rachael Arnold

    Love my snack drawer… Popcorn, granola bars, chips, coffee, non refrigerated creamer, trail mix,

  13. I just found this southern hunter trail mix stuff at walmart. It’s a big container but you could break down into smaller portions. Soooo good!

  14. Edamame,
    Hard boiled eggs
    Dry fruit
    Cottage cheese
    String cheese
    Lunch meat
    Peanut butter or cream cheese filled celery
    Trail mix
    Pop corn
    Peanut butter
    Hot dogs
    Rice cakes
    Hot peppers
    Tuna packets
    Carrots with ranch
    Shredded chicken

  15. Margaret Ahrens

    Multi grain fruit bars. Nuts, trail mix with dried fruit. Cheese sticks crackers and dark chocolate and Bob’s peppermint blocks. I would put all in a plastic container just in case of pests.

  16. Karen Hilliard

    I like Skinny Pop pop corn, add some M&Ms for that sweet/salty taste.

    Unsalted nuts

    Breakfast or granola bars

    Just make sure the snacks you have will give you energy and not put you to sleep.

  17. Kelly Winningham

    Nuts, beef sticks, crackers, trail mix, dehydrated fruits and meats, energy bars, nutritional bars, the individual chicken in or tuna packs and or salads already mixed, peanut butter and graham crackers granola, popcorn no

  18. Shari Czerwinski Carruth

    Nuts! I absolutely love cashews and always kept snack sized Ziploc bags filled with cashews/peanuts in my desk drawer! Plus peanut butter crackers, Hershey’s kisses for when I needed a chocolate fix, granola bars, yogurt covered raisins, dried cherries/cranberries, snack size packs of beef jerky and pudding cups for another sweet attack LOL

  19. Snacks- beef jerky, chips, fresh cut up fruit, fresh cut up veggies with dip, pudding, applesauce, hard boiled egg, trail mix, dry fruit, apple sauce, jello cups, yogurt, nuts, sunflower seeds, peanut butter sandwich crackers, granola, pretzels, fruit snacks, macaroni salad, potato salad, pasta salad, broccoli salad, cottage cheese, string cheese, parfaits, cheese it’s, rice cakes, cottage cheese, coleslaw, pickles, graham crackers, cheese filled sandwich crackers, peanut butter filled pretzels, gold fish, dry cereal, yogurt bites, popcorn

    Desserts-cookies, brownies, little Debbie, candy, rice crispy, hand pies, mini cheese cakes, donuts, apples dipped in chocolate, tarts, strudels, danishes, fruit dumplings, pie, brownie brittle, gobs, cinnamon rolls, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered Oreos, animal cookies, eclairs, mason jar Oreo dirt pudding, custard, cupcakes

    Drinks-water(packets of flavoring for your water if you would like), Gatorade, body armor, fruit juice(apple, grape, orange, pineapple, cranberry, ECT…), Powerade, vitamin water, bottled smoothies, propell water, tea, lemonade, fruit punch, juice box, biggie, Capri sun

  20. Dried fruit. Cashews or peanuts in small individual packages. Ritz crackers snacks with cheese in the middle, Dried crancherries. Pretzel sticks. Gold fish crackers. Cookies. Any kind of fruit like blueberries, raspberries, Strawberries, etc. I could go on!!!

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