I bought this earlier thinking it would be good with

I bought this earlier thinking it would be good with Chips..it’s not. Does anyon…

I bought this earlier thinking it would be good with Chips..it’s not. Does anyone have good ideas I can use this for?

thank for the original creator Madison Robbins

32 thoughts on “I bought this earlier thinking it would be good with Chips..it’s not. Does anyon…”

  1. Peggy Loudermilk

    Maybe mac n cheese or broccoli and cheese.
    Some like it in tortillas. Nachos would be good. Chili cheese dogs

  2. Alison Ciriaco

    Dip fries or put on hot dog ,dip chicken nuggets

    I use it for my burritos

    Add some to boxed Mac nd cheese

  3. Broccoli and rice casserole mix instance rice almost a whole smaller box a can of cream of mushroom a jar of that and a bag of broccoli florets mix in a bowl with a little bit of mix (can warm in the microwave a little to make it easier to mix poor in pan and bake til top is golden

  4. Cowboy soup, 1 or two pounds hamburger my kids love meat lol , 4 can minestrone soup, cheese wiz all in one pot, You can add elbow or shell noodles to make it even more filling! Or leave it out. Soooo good and such a staple at our house.

  5. Debbie Schuler

    Personally I think it is good on tortilla chips and Fritos. Not sure what chips you tried it on

  6. Cortney Sealey

    Get a can of refried beans and salsa mix it together and heat it up. Goes great with chips

  7. Kristen Flowers

    Idk what kind of chips you tried it with but it’s pretty good on fritos! Also on broccoli and/or Cauliflower or carrots

  8. Cheese fries with crinkle cut fries (fries need to be crispy)
    My mom also uses it to make a broccoli, rice and cheese casserole. So good

  9. Kristi Cole Oliver

    It’s good on plain bagels or toast. My mom always used it recipes in place of velveeta

  10. Mix this with a can of rotel and heat it up in 30 min intervals and it’s good with chips!!

  11. Samantha Teter

    We make homemade French fries by cutting up potatoes add a little salt and heat some of this for dipping!

  12. Cheesy burgers … Ground hamburger meat diced pickles with a little pickle juice and the cheese whiz mixed together my kids love them

  13. If you blend it with spam and put it on bread like a sandwich it’s really good. It’s called “sandwiches de mezcla” a Puerto Rican plate

  14. Melt it & dip French fries in it. It’s amazing to dip Fritos in too. Spread on toast or saltines.

  15. Caroline Thornbury

    Thinly slice steak, season with steak seasoning, Worcestershire, and beer, sauté with onions and bell peppers til all moisture is gone and everything is fully cooked, put on a toasted hoagie bun and top with cheez whiz. Voila, Philly cheesesteak!

  16. My ex husband made this incredible mix for sandwiches: Canned roast beef, some cheese whiz, if still available; mustard, and onions mixed together.Add a little hot sauce. Best sandwich ever!

  17. Brynn Fagerstrom

    Broccoli cheese soup! 2 cans cream of celery, half and half, cheez wiz, bag of frozen broccoli florets. Low 8 hours in crock pot or high for 4 😊

  18. Brooke Vanwinkle

    This might sound REALLY weird but it’s so good… cup up some hotdogs; mix it with the jar of cheez wiz and a jar of spaghetti sauce , put the mixture in hotdog buns and wrap w foil, bake at 400 for 10 minutes… they are so good lol

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