Howdy from Council Bluffs, Iowa, United states of america. This is the check out from my glass doorway of our…

Hello there from Council Bluffs, Iowa, Usa. This is the check out from my glass doorway of our back property. Numerous call us a “ fly over condition “ , which erroneously tends to make a person feel there is nothing of beauty in this article. I live on leading of a bluff regarded as element of the “ Loess hills “. Loess is the fine ground up silt from the glaciers that was blown into hills along the Missouri River at the conclude of the last ice age. While they do extend into Missouri and a few in Nebraska and Kansas, the hills ( bluffs ) in Iowa are the thickest in the earth other than in Northern China. All through the winter season we can see the skyline of Omaha,Nebraska to the west of us. My husband and I relocated below practically a 12 months in the past to be closer to our small children, immediately after downsizing from 10 acres. We understood this was the home we desired when we saw the back again garden. There is a deep ravine at the rear of our fence so there are no properties guiding us. We have deer, fox, occasional coyotes, bobcats and a reported cougar sighting not lengthy in the past. Several bossy squirrels and a multitude of home sparrows, Baltimore orioles, cardinals, gold finches and buzzing birds, that like our feeder. We might be in the city but you would never ever know it. Thanks for sharing all of your views. I search ahead to just about every and each just one day by day. What a gorgeous globe we dwell on. I wish you peace, wellness and happiness in which ever you are.

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25 thoughts on “Howdy from Council Bluffs, Iowa, United states of america. This is the check out from my glass doorway of our…”

  1. Jennifer K Galvin

    Greetings from Long Island NY! My daughter’s boyfriend lives in Glenwood, we visited your area in Feb, loved it there ❤️🤍💙

  2. Hello from Tennessee…I really enjoyed your post! Our world is full of such interesting places!

  3. We are all Blessed!! America the Beautiful! Praying for World Peace from everyone’s window!

  4. Jo Ellen Washburn

    Iowa is a lovely state. My dad went to the University of Iowa, and I grew up on the border (in Illinois). Your view is perfect. Hello from New Mexico.

  5. Karen Thompson

    Very pretty and sounds marvelous with wild life! Greetings from Montclair, New Jersey USA.

  6. Spent the better part of a week at St Paul’s Lutheran in 2019. Council Bluffs is beautiful! Greetings from Tucson AZ 🌵

  7. I have family roots in Ringgold County, and Iowa is never a flyover. Your yard is beautiful. Hello from Portland Oregon

  8. I recently saw a travel show that featured the loess hills! Very fascinating!
    Warm greetings from Oregon USA 🌲🌻

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