Age: 35 years
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Highest weight recorded: 85.6 kgs
Weight loss: 21 kgs
The duration it took me to lose weight: 12 months
Additional Benefits:

Feeling Down and Depressed

Cindy Barnet lost her job as a professional hairdresser based in California and unable to find another job for another 3 months. She had to live with her friend and spend all-around savings collected for many years.

Same time, her long-term partner decided to leave her and move to Canada.  Given difficult circumstances, Cindy gradually started to feel severe depression, anxiety and reach out to medical consultants for treatment

Turning Point of Cindy Barnet

Cindy never cared about the diet and weight for a long period. She uses to eat junk food regularly without considering the consequences. She gained weight at a stunning rate.

As she started piling up, her clothes were getting tighter and began to feel uncomfortable for no reason. She continues to eat more food to burn out stress and remain stress throughout the day.

Finally, she was diagnosed with high blood sugar and depression. She was asked to change her lifestyle to beat depression, weight, and improve overall life quality or continue as it is. Cindy decided its time to change.

Yoga: Finding Inner Peace | Weight Loss

Luckily Cindy got help from her girl’s circle. One day Cindy meet a yoga teacher online and after a few virtual meetings, she decided to visit a day workshop to see Yoga can help her situation.    

The First Yoga workshop provides basic guidance on improving physical activity which she finds very helpful to ease the anxiety and feel better. Also, the visit enables her to build a new network of similar friends interested in lifestyle change.

After a few months of practice, Cindy started moving to advance yoga classes to try a mix of yoga practice involved a mixture of movement, breathing exercises, and/or mindfulness. Each of the movement components comprising more than half of each session and sync to her lifestyle well.

After few months of practices , Cindy further improved her practices by following array of Yoga types such as  Hatha, vinyasa, SVYASA, kundalini and Kripalu.

Cindy generally takes Yoga on weekly sessions lasting between 20 and 90 minutes over a period of around 2.5 months.


  • Manage depression, anxiety,  mood disorders,  stress disorder.
  • The overall quality of life improved.
  • Able to manage her weight.
  • able to sleep and walk-up better.
  • Improved her exercise capacity.
  • Able to manage her blood sugar.
  • New friends and network.
  • Improved mindfulness.
  • Improved emotional awareness.

Feel Good Story

” Yoga provide me an additional or alternative strategy, which is probably the best technique and result driven exercise alongside conventional forms of exercise benefited to regain myself” Cindy write. 

YOGA benefit of improved exercise capacity, weight loss, better sleep, and better quality of life.
Image Credit: pixabay


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