How to tell if eggs have gone bad?


Eating bad, expired eggs can cause food poisoning with symptoms like diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever and so much more to cope with. Before you toss that entire expired carton in the garbage, here are four quick and easy ways to tell if an egg has gone bad.

1) Sink?????

Fill a glass or bowl with cold water and submerge the eggs. If the eggs sink and lay flat on their side then they are probably fresh. However, if they sink, but stand on one end at the bottom of the glass or bowl, they’re not as fresh but still edible.

Of course bad eggs will be floating. The science behind this is that eggshells are semipermeable. Older the egg the more semipermeable it will be.

2. Shake It

This method is not as reliable as the floating method. But you can conveniently do it like in supermarkets. Hold the egg upto your ear and shake it. If you hear liquid swishing around inside, it’s gone bad. If there is no sound that is good news.

3. Sniff it Out

After cracking eggs should have a neutral smell. But eggs that have gone bad will be very smelly. Like sulphuric, gassy kinda of smell.

4.Egg whites Test

Before making that fried egg toast just observe the egg yolk. Fresh eggs will have a bright yellow or orange yolk, egg white is slightly stiff. The white of a not fresh egg will be more spread out.


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