How to Make Baked Beans From Scratch You Can

How to Make Baked Beans From Scratch | You Can Cook That |

Baked beans are a vintage aspect dish that can steal the clearly show with these strategies, tips, and hacks! Go through far more:

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25 thoughts on “How to Make Baked Beans From Scratch | You Can Cook That |”

  1. This is great!! I've seen 20 recipes where people are using canned baked beans and adding the extras to them. That's too much. It would be like candied beans.
    These are what I grew up on and I can't wait to try. Thank you so much

  2. Really like this recipe. I think many people over complicate it. I have just cooked the navy beans and added store-bought BBQ sauce, but I'm definitely going to try this.

  3. Bill Gates wants us to put bugs in our baked beans. Honestly… the grossest meats would be the best ones to basically cook in a stew of heavy spices like how baked beans are. Beans are also cheap. I guess keep that in mind if you are ever eating a rabbit, or a squirrel. I don't plan to eat bugs, but I honestly am not that scared of bugs showing up at grocery stores, as long as I can trap, or throw a stick at a rabbit hard enough to kill one.

    Makes sense to me, and it should also tenderize any tough meat. Bacon is always good in baked beans, but I wonder why it is the primarily chosen meat. I guess for the same reason. Maybe it's just that pork belly is cheap.


  4. I made these today and the only thing I did different was to use ketchup in place of the brown sugar to give it sweetness and a darker color. Great recipe thank you

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