How to Draw Your Own Pokemon Cards

How to Draw Your Own Pokémon Cards!

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for viewing this online video the place I confirmed you how to attract your incredibly possess Pokémon cards from scratch!

Want an tutorial on how to draw your have comprehensive art card, just like that Primal Groudon EX we produced? New video clip out now!

Leave a remark, or DM me on Instagram (@witkomon), if you have any queries, or if you want any assist! I will get again to you as soon as I am ready!

:00 Intro
:49 Reference Card
1:56 Elements
3:12 Basic Shape
3:43 Slicing
4:48 Drawing the Template
7:19 Colouring
8:19 Lettering
10:10 Pokémon Artwork
12:21 The Back
14:00 Whole Artwork Primal Groudon
21:20 Outro

Remember to go away a like, and a remark if you have any thoughts! I do my ideal to remedy them all!

Thanks for looking at, and remain tuned!

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47 thoughts on “How to Draw Your Own Pokémon Cards!”

  1. This vid really helped because I used to try to make them but I could never get it right TYSM for this cause it was very useful and amazing job on groundon

  2. Can we use marker to colour?
    And you draw better than me
    Can make you shiny card with that paper
    And the last you draw Gourdon ( I think,i forgot the name) is super good

  3. I don,t like how to draw your own pokemon Cards !!!! it is so hard don,t wach or subskrybuj tte video !!!! A Man wants cach and monney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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