How to draw when you don39t feel like drawing

How to draw when you don't feel like drawing…


Fast video clip on how to inspire on your own to commence drawing even when you really don’t sense like it.

Plan I employed:
Clip Studio Paint (affiliate website link):

I make digital art, primarily electronic paintings. Abide by me listed here:


25 thoughts on “How to draw when you don't feel like drawing…”

  1. I always like to set challenges for myself when I get art blocks, like turn a word into art, or add another flower to my boots. I always do at least one small thing until eventually I get the inspiration to do one big thing.
    If I get ideas for things, I write the ideas down then keep that list of ideas posted somewhere I can see it like on my wall or taped to my window or mirror.

  2. that concept works for everything not just drawing, it can be homework, exercising, cooking, doing chores etc. ive been using it for about a year now and its really helped me improve and take control over my life, would recommend it for people who feel lost or have mental health issues that keep them from doing things in their everyday life 🤍

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