How to draw water droplets Easy shorts

How to draw water droplets (Easy) #shorts

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46 thoughts on “How to draw water droplets (Easy) #shorts”

  1. These are amazing what brand is the pen that you use for highlights- Also can you do an actual drawing somehow including these water drops? That would be cool 🙂

  2. I have to try this!! Just wanted to say that your channel has inspired me a lot! I’ve always loved art and thanks to you and other you tubers I got a toned gray sketchbook and I’m practicing with my prismacolors more! I also started an art YouTube channel! Thanks for the tutorials and the inspo!💛😁

  3. I don't have a blending stick. Can I go with the rotational motion with a normal pencil ?
    I am gonna draw lips with a diamond on it this week like how you did.
    You're a inspiration to me.

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