How to Draw the Lewis Dot Structure for S 2

How to Draw the Lewis Dot Structure for S 2- (Sulfide ion)

A move-by-phase explanation of how to draw the S2- Lewis Dot Composition.

For the S2- Lewis structure use the periodic desk to locate the complete variety of valence electrons for the S atom. When we know how quite a few valence electrons there are in S we can distribute them about the central atom with the purpose of filling the outer shells of each individual atom.

For the reason that the Sulfide ion (S2-) has an added electron (the negative signal denotes an added electron) we require to insert that to the 6 valence electrons for the neutral atom S.

In the Lewis composition of S2- structure there are a full of 8 valence electrons. S2- is also termed Sulfide ion.

For a complete tutorial on drawing Lewis Structures, see my video clip:

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To study to uncover the valence electrons:

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Drawing/creating finished in InkScape. Display screen capture performed with Camtasia Studio 4.. Finished on a Dell Dimension laptop computer computer system with a Wacom digital pill (Bamboo).

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