How to Draw the Lewis Dot Structure for NaBr Sodium

How to Draw the Lewis Dot Structure for NaBr: Sodium bromide

A stage-by-phase clarification of how to draw the NaBr Lewis Dot Composition.

For NaBr we have an ionic compound and we will need to consider that into account when we draw the Lewis Framework. We’ll 1st attract the steel and place it in brackets with its demand on the exterior (online video: locating ionic charge:

Subsequent, we’ll attract the Lewis Framework for the Br- ion and insert brackets. We place the two ions alongside one another to full the Lewis structure for NaBr. Notice that NaBr is also known as Sodium bromide.

—– Lewis Assets —–
• Lewis Constructions for Ionic Compounds:
• Lewis Structures for Covalent Compounds:
• Counting Valence Electrons:
• Calculating Formal Charge:
• Exceptions to the Octet Rule:

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Be aware that is it extra typical to attract Lewis Constructions for covalent (molecular) compounds where valance electrons are shared. In the situation of ionic compounds, the place we have a metallic bonded to a non-metallic (or team of non-metals), the Lewis diagram signifies a method device. Numerous of these formulation units make up a crystal lattice. So when we chat about the structure for NaBr we assume of it alongside one another with other NaBr method models in a crystal (NaCl is a great instance of this:

Drawing/crafting completed in InkScape. Screen capture accomplished with Camtasia Studio 4.. Finished on a Dell Dimension notebook computer with a Wacom digital tablet (Bamboo).

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  1. Thank you for reminding me that the middle elements are in a different group!! Initially, I looked at Br and said "How the heck do I fit 17 electrons on this outer shell??!" lol

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