How to Draw amp Stylize Human ANATOMY 7 Tips

How to Draw & Stylize Human ANATOMY – 7 Tips on Body Proportions – Digital Art Tutorial (MediBang)

Anatomy can be rough! What are overall body proportions? What is the variation concerning gentlemen and women of all ages? How do I stylize my anatomy? These are the stream highlights exactly where teacher Jessie Chang provides us seven anatomy recommendations for novices when illustrating the anatomy of a male, a girl, and a boy or girl!

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🕓 Timestamps:
:00 – Introduction
:33 – Drawing system proportions of the adult male
1:18 – Suggestion#1: Male bodies are normally 7 – 7.5 heads tall
3:15 – Suggestion #2: Just about anything in pairs ought to be drawn at the exact same time!
4:35 – How to attract toes with shoes with simple shapes
7:43 – Drawing body proportions of the adult female
7:58 – Tip #3: Female bodies are usually 6.5 – 7 heads tall
8:28 – Suggestion #4: The more powerful the person, the broader their upper body will be!
10:01 – Drawing chibi proportions
10:32 – Drawing entire body proportions of a youngster
10:46 – Idea #5: Young children and adolescent bodies are about 4 – 6 heads tall
12:23 – Idea #6: Kid’s limbs are likely to be thinner than grownups
12:50 – How to stylize anatomy
13:00 – Idea #7: Stylization favours exaggeration and artistic license around naturalism
13:50 – Drawing a sitting down pose with real looking proportions
16:50 – Drawing a sitting pose with stylized proportions
18:20 – Final illustration!

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32 thoughts on “How to Draw & Stylize Human ANATOMY – 7 Tips on Body Proportions – Digital Art Tutorial (MediBang)”

  1. This video is so good. I always struggle with anatomy bc it seems like such a big task. This is just so easy to grasp, I don't know how to describe it. I made one sketch aftee watching this and… I am amazed! It looked so good!

    I don't know how you did it, but I understand anatomy now. I can draw people that look proportional and right!

    Thank you for the awesome video(s) 😀

  2. This was super duper helpful! Keep going with your art teacher role to help us! Tysm (Thank you so much)

    Girls are still easier to draw than males. But this should help 100%!

  3. Thanks so much! I am 10 and have been doing proper drawings for probably about 3 or more years. I have just gotten into drawing people so this helped loads!

  4. This is the best video on the internet. Thank you! So many people only talk about realistic or just adult anatomy thank you so much for talking about the differences between body types

  5. I don't really focus on anatomy since I usually work on instinct. However, there is no word to describe how well done this tutorial is. This channel deserves more recognition

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