How to Draw Sans from Undertale Step by Step for

How to Draw Sans from Undertale Step by Step for Beginners

Learn how to attract Sans from Undertale on paper in 12 quick methods for young ones and newcomers.


33 thoughts on “How to Draw Sans from Undertale Step by Step for Beginners”

  1. I know it's pretty late but thank you sooo much,it help me every way,you're the best.I'm pretty bonely so I try art ,I'm bad at it and that's why you're my saviour. What can I ever do to repay you please tell me?

  2. This is a tu-toriel ok Goat it this started getting paint-ful bc my hand started hurting
    Why am I like this

  3. So, I have a very specific art style where I draw out of straight lines. I had a, like more clunky sans. But hey, that's just my art style ba dum bump

  4. This is how I learned to draw. It's been eight around eight months since I've seen this video and I'm drawing realistic people and doing commissions. Of course this video wasn't the only place where I learned to draw and such, but it's the first thing that got me going. I cant thank you guys enough.

  5. You: Clean sketch

    Me: 10000000 lines overlapping each other Why do I try Q^Q

    Edit: I accidentally got some black marker on his face so now he's Killer Sans •v•

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