How to draw Perspective Beginner Tutorial DrawlikeaSir

How to draw Perspective | Beginner Tutorial | DrawlikeaSir

A newbie tutorial on how to draw humans in viewpoint!
Works in manga, comic, anime and any other drawing type 🙂

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39 thoughts on “How to draw Perspective | Beginner Tutorial | DrawlikeaSir”

  1. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that my videos have subtitles now ✨✨😁

    I hired a professional transcripter for all of my videos from the money you guys donated to me via Patreon.

    He's gonna subtitle the rest of my videos very soon!

    I think it's important to return the favor to you by actually using the money for something useful.

    Have a nice day! 🙂

  2. I was gonna start a new project that shows a crazy degree of perspective and needed and quick tutorial, and wat do u know youtube was up to its old mind reading tricks again and the good sir popped up in my feed. Cheers.

  3. Hey man I'm still learning on become a comic artist and story teller like the legend himself tolkien but I'd like some advice how long did it take for you when your art become really good?

  4. Great video and a couple of pointers for drawing figures in perspective . First, do the 250 box challenge from drawabox. What's important about this challenge is that by the time you finish you will have a great handle and intuitive approach on how to draw a box (not just a cube) in 3-point perspective. Perspective will be significantly easier from doing just this. Second, no matter your art style, find models to draw from. As you get better start drawing more foreshortened poses and eventually move to extreme foreshortened poses. What this teaches you is an intuitive feel for the figure. All of this speeds up your drawing so you can focus on more important stuff like composition, rendering, etc…

  5. Thank you! this helps a lot since I've been struggling with perspective and foreshortening. As always this was a great video and it was easy to understand 😀

  6. Could you maybe do a video on a list of drawing practice for manga specifically? What should you practice drawing first, second etc. if you want to create your own manga. Love your videos thank you so much!

  7. I literally jumped out of my chair and ran to find my older brother to tell him there was a new video. I used to talk about these videos all the time so he actually watched one and has slowly started picking up drawing! Thank you so much for having entertaining and educational videos!

  8. I've been a professional artist for close to 30 years. When did it become an issue for people to use 3D models as reference? I've never seen anyone get offended by that, and if I did, I would stay far away from those people because they have much bigger problems. I was just curious because that section of the video caught me off guard, most professional artists use 3D models as reference all the time. Awesome video by the way, perspective is definitely a topic that trips up a lot of younger artists all the time. Not necessarily a hard topic, but definitely advanced for sure, and you did a great job explaining it!

  9. You should make a colouring tutorial even if it isn't that famous on your channel because everyone wants to learn how to cour but not ink washing or water colour

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