How to draw mountains from your imagination SIMPLE TIPS

How to draw mountains from your imagination | SIMPLE TIPS

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In this video I split down the approach I use to attract a mountains from imagination utilizing very simple easy-to-follow methods. We will very first master how to crack them down employing uncomplicated kinds and use an simple way of shading that just about any person can learn and follow. This sets the basis for you to fluctuate and produce this even further to build sensible depictions and draw mountains from observation or your imagination.

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#2 HB Pencil
Bic Ballpoint Pen
Pigma micron pens
Pigma micron pen 003
Copic Multiliner SP refillable Copic Multiliner Disposable White ink pen
2mm Direct Holder:
2mm Direct pointer/sharpner: Kneaded
Retractable Eraser
Strathmore Sleek Bristol Paper
Canson Multi-media paper
Schmincke Watercolors
Sakura Koi Watercolor Discipline Established

27 thoughts on “How to draw mountains from your imagination | SIMPLE TIPS”

  1. i love your videos so much! you are the best art teacher i’ve ever watched from youtube and you help me so much. i would love a video about how you draw hands and the anatomy of them because i struggle a lot. thank you for these awesome videos!

  2. Great explanation, thank you! I also have your excellent books! Really needed this video and will watch it over and over and practice. I love to paint coastal scenes with mountains, as well as the southwest, but the mountains have been stumping me. This is so easy to see and understand.

  3. Simple instructions, articulate, easily mastered—thank you, Mr. Dunn, for this lesson. I can finally make my own mountain drawings look more realistic and professional rather than the cartoon-tyoe drawings I've been doing for decades.

  4. I subscribed a little while ago from your previous rock/cliff tutorials, you are the BEST when it comes to learning how to draw and understand them! Thanks to you I was able to value the importance of learning to draw shapes in perspective. Thanks Alphonso, and I will check out your book for sure!

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