how to draw horror for beginners STRANGER THINGS taught me

how to draw horror for beginners! 😱STRANGER THINGS taught me dis😱

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Sun shades Kid-
80s_Horror_Movie_Synth Haddonfield horror white bat audio
80s_Horror_Synth Evil Guiding the mask white bat audio
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80s_Horror_SynthNight_of_the_Creeps white bat audio

31 thoughts on “how to draw horror for beginners! 😱STRANGER THINGS taught me dis😱”

  1. Maybe it's obvious but it was sort of just an ahhh huh! Moment where I realised how much scarier it is to not see a creepy characters face until a reveal moment. I don't really get into horror much so it's just not something I think about. Those subtle things make such a huge difference though in whatever it is you're creating, so it's worth noting, and pointing out.

  2. You continue to scare me with the steamy tangents… I can't complain though. They are hilarious.

    I've been in a real rut for a while, kinda just been drawing in autopilot. I haven't regressed in my skill, but I haven't improved either, for quite some time. This helps motivate me, gonna try some new stuff.
    As always, I'm a fan of your stuff.

  3. Love this, I've been trying to change my brand up and get into horror since that is what got me into wanting to draw in the first place and also being a horror movie fanatic, this is really helpful to create some story boards on ideas I've had!

  4. i'm a newbie animator. as in i used to do flipbook shit when i was a kid. for digital, what animation program do u recommend for mcfreakin noobs?

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