How To Draw Glow Effect Tutorial no airbrush needed Shorts

How To Draw Glow Effect! Tutorial *no airbrush needed* (#Shorts)

How to Draw Glow Outcome! This is a tutorial on how to attract the glow result. Quick Glow influence tutorial, no airbrush essential!
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26 thoughts on “How To Draw Glow Effect! Tutorial *no airbrush needed* (#Shorts)”

  1. Oh, so I'm assuming, on a drawing app, you'd most likely do the same thing, but for the outline, you'll take a tool, turn the opacity down, and then trace directly outside the outline

  2. Thank you so much! As a learning artist, this really helped me. I understood immediately just by the thumbnail but figured I'd give you a view, a like, and possibly a sub. This is really cool and will definitely help me in my works to becoming an artist. I'll be trying my hardest and making fanart for SlyphStorm's Pegasus Device, as I'm pretty good at drawing animals, such as ponies. Thanks again! 🙂
    EDIT: Oh, yeah. You're definitely getting a sub from me. I'm already subbed to someone named Winged Canvas who helps with bases and such, and you REALLY help with the coloring, simple and detailed, it seems. I'll be enjoying your videos!

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