How to Draw Eyes

How to Draw Eyes

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This video clip is all about drawing eyes, and positioning them in the head at any angle. One particular of the toughest problems struggling with cartoonists, and comic artists, is how to get the eyes to sit properly in the head at unique angles, without the need of getting to vacation resort to reference. We also go more than the approaches that eyes open and close, and the adjustments that materialize when we look in distinctive instructions. That has a more substantial effect than you may feel!

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37 thoughts on “How to Draw Eyes”

  1. you make it seem so easy. I can understand and draw the eye as a sphere in the beginning, but constructing the head like that, placing the features, its very difficult for some reason

  2. It’s really cool to see that even a seasoned artist who’s been drawing for decades doesn’t always get the proportions right on the first time

  3. Lights. Lights. Lights. Lights… Remember.. Lights.
    Seriously me while drawing after watching this video like a thousand times lol

  4. Thank you so much for your sharing !! 👌🤗 ….Just one thing, I'm french and it's not easy to follow the speed of your sentences. Please could you speak slowler. English is not the mother tongue for everybody. Thank you very much in advance.

  5. Really this video helped me to draw the eyes because that was the part that I always had problems or it was difficult for me, thank you Mr. Finch! A great Master!

  6. Hey there, I love your videos a lot an appreciate the work you put in to make them happen! I'm curious about what kind of pencil that is you're using? Thanks a lot for everything 🙂

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