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How to draw an Anime girl Part 2 There is

How to draw an Anime girl Part 2! There is only 2 parts to this one but I hope it helped!! ☺

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TikTok Gratifying Artwork Compilation 😌 A single eye sees, the other feels 😍

you can also assist them straight if you love their get the job done!

Artists showcased: πŸ‘πŸ‘ @reddi_artist πŸ˜‰ 😌 😍

Remark “#drawing 4u” if you go through this! This online video is an artwork tik toks compilation crammed with the most awesome, stress-free & satisfying Artwork I could come across. You can understand to paint, draw or strengthen your art by observing the video and adhering to some of the recommendations/tutorials πŸ™‚ Thank you so substantially for the help on my Artwork TikTok compilation and I hope I can element extra wonderful artists on my channel. I add Art Tik Toks everyday and will carry on to upload artwork tik toks in 2022. I include tik tok portray and drawing tutorials in to support you learn to make far better art. Maintain seeing for the best, and most remarkable art tik tok films. Shoutout to SucccMeme, Shiba Avenue, PinkRamen, Thicccake & GlossyFrog for producing awesome TikTok art films. Observe together with a TikTok Artwork Tutorial.
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12 thoughts on “How to draw an Anime girl Part 2! There is only 2 parts to this one but I hope it helped!! ☺”

  1. You can copy Eyes if you put a bit of paper on it thin paper btw so put the paper on the Eye you wanna copy and Color the paper while pushing the paper hard on the eye and when done Flip the paper and you should see the eye on that paper and then put the Colored bit on the place you want the eye and outline the eye on your paper and boom got a eye on your drawing this helped me alot

  2. Most Anime anatomy follows the basics of realistic anatomy although some are stylised. I highly recommend studying real life anatomy first (bones, muscles, etc.) before approaching anime.

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