How to draw ACTION POSES Tips and Tricks

How to draw: ACTION POSES! Tips and Tricks!

I hope this tutorial helped you fellas! Retain in intellect, I will not attract motion poses incredibly usually, so this is all the facts I know about motion poses.

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42 thoughts on “How to draw: ACTION POSES! Tips and Tricks!”

  1. mmm if i was you , you should instead of drawing shorts draw a pelvic shape , you should come to my group on face book , how to draw people for comics , maby we can have our own secret studies on my messege box 😉 also you should studie the loomise way i show his methods on my group

  2. Love this tutorial! I learned a few things for fighting poses!! I used to draw my comics with the plot revolving naruto series and it had a lot of fighting in it and Oh My Lord! My imagination was hype and now I am growing old and don’t have very many good ideas! Now I do! Thank you Talart!

  3. Talart can you do a tutorial with the front view plz plz plz I had a big problem with drawing the jaws it just looks weird everytime I draws the jaw line of the front view thank you

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