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How to Draw a Summer Vacation Acrylic Painting

How to Draw a Summer Vacation / Acrylic Painting

Currently, I painted a check out of the sea.
Rookies can draw along simply.
Abide by me move by step.
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오늘은 바다가 보이는 풍경을 그려보았어요.
초보자 분들도 쉽게 따라 그릴수 있어요.
차근차근 따라그려보세요.
구독과 좋아요 꼭 부탁드려요. 감사합니다~~

Shades stated on the display
-Acrylic painting
-Canvas 25cm25cm / 28cm23cm
BGM uses the YouTube library
#AcrylicPainting #landscapepainting #portray

46 thoughts on “How to Draw a Summer Vacation / Acrylic Painting”

  1. Very nice painting. I like your paintings and I have made so many of them and when I showed it to my school painting teacher she was so impressed that she has selected me for painting competition. Thank you for sharing your paintings.

  2. Просто потрясающе!!!!🤩 Джуни, все Ваши картины настолько реалистичные, как будто это фото! Спасибо, что делитесь! И спасибо за эту чудесную мелодию, которая так часто сопровождает видео!❤

  3. This is just beautiful .. so perfect…. I think you are the perfect one out there…. I was just a beginner… And I learnt a lot from you . The way you make your videos… The way you teach it's just so perfect….. And the background songs are so mesmerizing….. Joony can u plz make a video on painting an oil lantern……the one used in ancient times…. btw thanxx a lot

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