How to Draw a Realistic Human Face

How to Draw a Realistic Human Face

Just about every drawing scholar quicker or later on hits the obstacle of drawing a human encounter. To present you that it is not as really hard as you imagined when you know the right methods I made this tutorial.

Futher information that I didn’t point out on this online video can be found at

Artist: Denise Busch

44 thoughts on “How to Draw a Realistic Human Face”

  1. Me again! I've just read some other comments, and they say your not good at explaining. Could it be that they were expecting details about how to say draw an 'eye' or 'nose' ect? I felt that you gave exactly what your video promised. To me, I got it. You showed us HOW to actually draw a unified face.
    I think we're all on different parts of our art learning curve, so that's why it was confusing to people, who wanted to know how to say, shade or draw a nose.
    I honestly think you have what you "promised" and I'm very happy you made this video…so Thankyou. 😊

  2. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make this video. It's the best video about faces I've seen! Your instructions and technique is 'do-able' and you explain things in such a clear, easy, understandable, heck…human way! For the first time ever, I feel like I could successfully "do this"…so thankyou, from the deepest parts of my heart! If you're not an Art teacher…you should be, the way you connect to real people. Thanks. 🤗

  3. I draw with a grid method
    I'm in year 8 and in art lessons we are doing facial features!
    Thanks for the tips I'm gonna use them in class tomorrow maybe if I can!

  4. How do you know where the light shines on the face, and how do you draw an eye so well, along with its shading. HOW??? How did you learn how to draw, what are the steps???

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