How to Draw a Perfect Circle Every Time

How to Draw a Perfect Circle Every Time

As a master of circles, it truly is eventually time I unveil all my tips and tricks.

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38 thoughts on “How to Draw a Perfect Circle Every Time”

  1. How you actually do it (IN TEN SIMPLE STEPS!1!!)
    Step 1: draw a fractal
    Step 2: find out the hardest math problem
    Step 3: find out what the pink juice at the dentist is
    Step 4: drink diet coke
    Step 5: accidentally spill the coke so that it fits perfectly into the fractal
    Step 6: swallow the pink juice like youre not supposed to and make your iq higher
    Step 7: solve the math problem to get smarter (must be in kahoot)
    Step 8: your iq is so high your water bending evolves into diet coke bending and you bend the diet coke into an oval
    Step 9: use the fractal and mix it into the oval of diet coke with ur high iq
    Step 10: now it forms a circle and you lose more braincells than germs on your hand when you used 2 drops of hand sanitizer and boom a circle

  2. If you want to draw a near perfect circle just use paper and draw stick figures you can make those as detailed as you want without worrying that your circles are terrible.

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