How to draw A girl taking a selfie with wearing

How to draw A girl taking a selfie with wearing a mask || Step by Step Pencil Sketch for beginners

► Utilised factors
1. Pencil Title – DOMS ( ZOOM Ultimate Dark ) Pencil / 2B Pencil
2. Paper Name – Double A Offset paper
3. Blending Stump
(You can use Paint brush, Tissue Paper or cotton buds as a substitute of this blending stump)

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39 thoughts on “How to draw A girl taking a selfie with wearing a mask || Step by Step Pencil Sketch for beginners”

  1. Farjana your drawing is too good i could seek everything from you you are amazing your imagination is too good I like it I wish that I can draw everything properly like you you all draw perfectly you usy erase for some things really you and your drawing are amazing 😍😍😍

  2. Hi faranjana sister really your arts and drawings are very creative.Iam a big fan of your drawings.Your drawings are amazing and dazling.I like only your channel sister because of your drawings and arts.I love your creativity.Your drawings are such beautiful and cute 🥰.I drawing only your drawings of your Channel.I love your channel sister.My best wishes for your upcoming creatives.Pls put lot of drawings sister I will always like your videos and also Subscribe.Thk u for puting lot of videos for us.Ones more thk u soo much sister.🥰🙏❤️😘😍☺️

  3. I just can't belive my eye's I just drawed it and it turned out amazing but the eye's was not perfect so that's why I drawed the closed eye's and It came better but I still need to draw more to be like you. No home or tuitions so now I'm really into drawing. And your drawing is amazing. LOVE IT ❤️❤️

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