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How to Draw a Face Drawing Practice

How to Draw a Face / Drawing Practice!!

🐸Hi, I’m Chommang.
Let’s draw together!
I hope you have a good working day. 😊
(I observe drawing each individual working day. You can look at it on my Instagram.👇👇👇)

Instagram : @chommang

📌 My Tailor made Procreate Brush and texture.

🛒Drawing method Playlist

Drawing: 4B Pencil/ Stump pencil

My Pinterest (Referenced impression)

#pencildrawing #drawing #howtodraw #stress-free #chommang

35 thoughts on “How to Draw a Face / Drawing Practice!!”

  1. Thank you for sharing this video🥰 I drew along with you and it came out amazing ! You really encouraged me to draw, I will watch more of your videos in the future!

  2. only recently I started to draw again (because keep seeing your short clips 🤍) what you said about comparing and thinking too much is so true 😩

  3. Thanks for this tutorial. It’s really help me.I’ll keep practicing.Hope one day could draw anything I capture in daily life🥹

  4. Since I'm early let me just say
    Chom-nim!!^^ I've never across anyone as encouraging and supportive as you♡♡ I wasn't into drawing at all but now that I have gotten a sudden interest i find your advices on drawing reallyyyyyy helpful and they keep me motivated:^)

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