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How to Draw a Background Environments and Landscapes

How to Draw a Background (Environments and Landscapes)

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49 thoughts on “How to Draw a Background (Environments and Landscapes)”

  1. Very helpful, my gosh. I'm working on a sci-fi comic, and I've yet to go beyond writing it and character design, and the environments have been giving me anxiety to think about, it's daunting. But I hadn't even thought about things like not everything needs to be detailed, and that besides telling a story, if I arrange things visually balanced, it'll help me design layouts and scenes without worrying too much about consistency and exact placement. This was really helpful

  2. I always thought making background like houses or the world of the characters i`m making you need to master making a perfect straight line. thanks jazza!

  3. Hey Jazza. your tutorials help me alot! I don't know if anyone has answered this yet, or if you looked it up. but the uppy downy blocks on the castle wall is called a crenellation

  4. And u forgot the most important thing, how do u do those straight lines? and the second most important thing u ALSO FORGOT to tell, how do u paint above all that horrible gray??? useless video, I knew exactly the same before the video started -.-

  5. I'm not real sure if this viewer at least needs to see the inset with the presenter's face. It blocks part of the work you're demonstrating. I'd think the less distractions AWAY from the artwork would be appropriate.

  6. Thank you! I've been having a hard time on Backgrounds to the point that I'd given up on it and focus more on portraits.
    This is a great video! I'm inspired.

  7. The only thing about this is that its a little too advanced. I think some of these artist forget that sometimes a how to should be dumbed down because im sure alot of people may have never tryed perspective an thats why their watching a how to nobody explains the basics good at all. Thats why i think its hard to be an artist because the lack of info seems like everyone is competitive an don't want to i guess Teach. idk even how to for beginners are just to advanced an minimum info not everyone is even close to a novice skill level its intimidating for beginners to keep drawing if they started like today. GUESS YA GOTTA GO TO SCHOOL KIDS.

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