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How to Cook Without Oil How to Saute Without Oil

How to Cook Without Oil (How to Saute Without Oil)

How to prepare dinner devoid of it truly is straightforward! For much more facts & recipes, check out happy herbivore.com

17 thoughts on “How to Cook Without Oil (How to Saute Without Oil)”

  1. WHY????? Oils like olive oil do so good for you. Sure its better (and tastier) to eat it raw BUT  the important thing to remember about cooking with any oil (olive or otherwise) is not to heat the oil over its smoke point. If you don't you still get all the nutrients. Plus the reason we saute vegetables is to get their juice/aroma out and into the oil and then into the food. If you are going to use broth you DONT NEED to saute. In which case however you need to replace water (all the amount that will be needed for cooking) with broth. It goes without question that you neeb to prepare the broth yourself and not get the processed garbage which will probably give you cancer or some other ugly disease.

    So you're rejecting oil because its bad for you and use instead a pre-made factory processed broth, and think you do good to yourself?!?!?? ..perception.. I guess you can convinse  yourself about anything..

  2. This does not caramelize the onions as cooking in oil does.  (And caramelized onions have a different–delicious!–flavor).  If you use water, you are limited in temperature to its boiling point, 212°F.  With oil, you achieve higher temperatures.  You could try higher temperatures without oil but you'd need to also have no water (or else again you'd be limited to a temperature of 212°F until the water had boiled off); without water or oil, though, the onions will stick to the pan (and burn) unless you have some really awesome nonstick coating that can also withstand the heat!  I don't have such a pan in my kitchen, but maybe someone else does.  Lindsay, have you ever managed to caramelize onions like you can when you saute in oil? 

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