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How to Cook Vidalia Onions Sweet Onions Get

How to Cook Vidalia Onions | Sweet Onions | Get Cookin' | Allrecipes.com

In this video clip, check out Chef Nicole McLaughlin put together a cheesy dip and a uncomplicated roasted onion recipe that will fulfill the veggie lover in all of us. She utilizes a flavorful southern assortment of onion that usually takes its title from a little town in Ga, and it can only be can be referred to as a Vidalia if it can be grown in one particular of only 20 counties, so don’t be fooled by any imitators in the grocery retail store. Provide the dip with crackers or breadsticks, and use the tender roasted onion as a do-it-all aspect dish.

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Get the recipe below:

00:00 Introduction
00:13 What Is A Vidalia Onion?
1:07 Slicing Onions For Dip
1:27 Combining Substances
2:00 Baking Instructions
2:24 How To Roast Full Onions
2:41 Cooking Guidance
4:07 Roasted Onion Flavor Test
4:40 Onion Dip Flavor Examination

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How to Cook Vidalia Onions | Sweet Onions | Get Cookin’ | Allrecipes.com

29 thoughts on “How to Cook Vidalia Onions | Sweet Onions | Get Cookin' | Allrecipes.com”

  1. My husband does a variation on the grilled. He hollows out the Vidalia onion, pops a chicken bouillon (Beef works too) in the center, then a big pat of butter. Wrap in foil and proceed as the chef did here.

  2. Hello I love all your recipes they are the best .I even tried you vanilla cake box taste like homemade the best .
    Can you make more cake box recipes like the yellow cake white cake chocolate cake strawberries cake lemon cake etcπŸ™β€οΈπŸ’‹

  3. Paula Deen has a method of cooking them by adding a beef bouillon cube to the butter & it's similar to French onion soup. I've been meaning to try it…

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  5. Scoop out center, add beef bouillon cube and a generous pat of butter. Cover with plastic wrap and cook in microwave til soft. Yum!

  6. Sadly, this onion is not sold here in the UK. So many USA recipes on YouTube cannot be made because of ingredients only purchased in USA – it's frustrating!!!!! Not to mention annoying watching videos which one can never make.

  7. My 25-year-old daughter and I went to the store with my Mom. While Mom was sitting (she was in her late 70's), she asked my DD to go get some 10/15 onions. Those are very similar to Vidalia Onions from 1 TX. DD asked, "How many, 10 or 15." We couldn't stop laughing. I love Vidalia, 10/15, Walla Wallas.

  8. Really enjoy your videos, Nicole. Both of these look and sound delicioua. But then, I am an onion lover – I'll eat an onion sandwich just made with cooking onions! (Of course, when I'm not going to be in public, LOL) πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š

  9. I follow a YouTube channel called Towsends, where they mimic 17th century living and cooking for the most part.. In 1808, a cookbook called New System Of Domestic Cookery has a recipe for simple roasted onion. Bake with skins on, do not cut, this can be done with a plain yellow onion as well, although I think a sweet onion would be much more tasty. After baking for 40 minutes or a little more, cut off the bottom and squeeze out the onion, sprinkle with salt and butter if you have it. I have made this the 1808 way, and it is delicious.

  10. I only cook with sweet onions as well. They are wonderful. I know some chefs say they’re not strong enough for some cooked dishes but I haven’t noticed that. I love the flavor and I love cutting up onions without eyes watering. I can find some type of sweet onion in the stores year round.

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