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How to cook Seeraga Samba Rice Beginners guide

How to cook Seeraga Samba Rice | Beginners guide | சீரகசம்பா அரிசி சமைக்கும் முறை

Newbies guidebook to cook dinner Seeraga Samba Rice.
This is a basic recipe for newbies to get started your journey with Seeraga Samba Rice.
Centered on the collective inquiries and difficulties of my workshop contributors and Instagram followers, I experienced experimented with to give methods to a variety of issues faced whilst cooking Seeraga samba rice.
Tips are supplied to avoid
Seeraga samba rice not receiving into pongal consistency
Rice not obtaining burnt
Seeraga samba rice not acquiring dried.

We are cooking Seeraga samba rice in open pot strategy.
I am working with very nominal spices for you to realize the full cooking method.

This recipe will be prosperous for a newbie only if suitable measuring cups, gas measurements and tawa necessities are adopted.

Soya chunks gravy

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  1. My wish come true mathri I was very glad to watch this video… It was very perfectly explained in a very neat and easy way, and every small detail and doubt was taken into consideration. Thank you so very much for this useful video. It was a much needed recipe for me. Nandri🙏❤

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