How to Cook Roast Pork Bush Style

How to Cook Roast Pork Bush Style

Cooking a pork roast about a hearth at a campsite in the Australian Alps. Irrespective of whether you favor pork chop, or pork loin any element of the pig can be spit roasted utilizing this process. This is not the initial time we have roasted pork in just one of our cooking video clips, we normally flame grill pork chops on our campfire grill. Welcome to the pig rotisserie!
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Cooking your foodstuff with backpacking cookware can be the most entertaining part of any camping excursion. If you will not have any cookware you can effortlessly place your pork meat on to a stick.
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:38 accumulating wood
1:43 Pork Roast heading on the stick
4:16 incorporating additional rocks
5:09 Roasting the pork ends
5:59 Main shut up
8:52 Smoke control information
9:35 Pork adobo recipe and meat storage strategies

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Bush Channel Cartoon artwork by Gerald Carr

27 thoughts on “How to Cook Roast Pork Bush Style”

  1. esse leso…Não sabe a diferença de enfumassado e cru….frito no fogo. …e assado de brasa…é sim um sem noção…puro …é a maior viagem. deve ter sido criado só com hambúrguer e morava em apartamento. ….Hilário!!!!

  2. Great tip on smoke control. I think that one of my biggest problems is having enough patients to give everything time to warm up first. It seems by the time I get to the campsite on the first night I'm so hungry I can't wait to eat. By the second day I always noticed the smoke was rising better. Just never figured out why. God bless and stay safe.

  3. Brother, I learned a technique that you might find useful in the world of spit roasting BushCraft Style that is amazingly simple to do. I noticed that you had the same problem I had all my years of doing this with the top heavy spinning while cooking over a camp fire. I am so glad I learned this and use it when I can because it frees up my hands while cooking. Now I don't like posting links on folks channels but if you are interested in seeing it the link is provided here for you to see… you don't have to publish this comment because I'm sure it will end up in the spam folder…by the way, That Roast looks amazing!

  4. Mouth watering. I've always wanted to bite into the leg of wild boar cooked over a fire ever since reading Asterix comics as a kid. Not sure if it would be as good as I imagined it back then, but you are making me think it might be.

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