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How to Cook Rice Right

How to Cook Rice Right

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How to cook rice in a pot, without the need of a rice cooker.

rice to water ratio:
1:1 for small grain (stick rice like japanese rice)
1:1.25 for lengthy grain (american, jasmine, basmati)

If you do 2:1, you will most certainly fail.



My Equipment (:
Digital camera:
Chef Knife:

Sushi knife:

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45 thoughts on “How to Cook Rice Right”

  1. maybe i'm a newb but I usually do 2:1 (water to rice) for basmati and it turns out good, anything less than that and it's not soft enough

  2. Reason why he used chop sticks at the end is to make the rice fluf up more and get a really nice texture on it it's a small trick that does a lot of justice on ur rice.

  3. Korean style rice cook(sticky rice)

    1. wash rice many times to remove starch and dust on the surface. Maybe 5-10times.
    2. Put rice in the cold water for 30minutes
    3. Put rice and water( water hight is about 1.5-2 cm higher than rice) in the pot
    4. High heat 5minutes, middle heat 15minutes very low heat 5minutes with lid
    5. And when rice is cooked, stir the rice with a rice scoop very carefully while it’s hot enought. (Do not crush a grain of rice)

    so air can enter between the rice so you can enjoy fluffy texture of cooked rice.

    And YES we are very SERIOUS about cooked rice.

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